I Love the Seaside Surf & Travel Guide to Southwest Europe

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I Love the Seaside is created by ocean-loving people for ocean-loving people. This book is here to inspire so you can go and explore. A printed 384-page surf and travel guide to southwest Europe: from Brittany, France around North Spain and Portugal, to Andalusia. This guide's aim to connect travellers, surfers and locals by pointing out the nicest surf spots, places to hang out and to-dos. The guide not only highlights the surf meccas in France, Spain and Portugal but recommends the best places to chill and to do some funky shopping or other activities, like horse riding, yoga, hiking, biking, visiting a spa or getting a good massage. #sunset beer


- Read little snippets of info and short stories about interesting local people 

- Learn yoga tips and tricks to help improve your surfing and overall health fitness and well-being 

- Obtain knowledge about local food, and some delicious local recipes 

The I Love The Seaside Surf and Travel Guide aims to inform, entertain and give a good read, all in one.

What is included: 

- Beautiful, inspiring photos and maps 

- Detailed description of surf breaks for all levels 

- Activities (yoga, SUP-tours, biking, wine-tasting etc.) 

- Accommodations, stores, restaurants and cafes 

- Interviews with seaside locals 

- Local food facts and recipes 

- Yoga tips and tricks for surfing 


ENGLISH language, 384 pages, size 23x17 cm, thickness 3 cm. 

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