Tangerine Hoop Earrings

19.990 Ft

The Tangerine hoop earrings by Ninfa Handmade are just the perfect summer jewellery. The plated hoop is decorated with a lemon charm made of glass. This will add a dose of Vitamin C to the sunny Vitamin D full days! 


  • Material: Lampwork glass charm, antiallergic and gold-pleated metal hoop.
  • Hoop diameter: 14 mm


NINFA HANDMADE was founded by Augustina Diaz Galindez in Argentina in 2017. NINFA is all about love with pieces that appeal to the various artisans who produce them by hand as well as the people who wear them. Artisanal pieces made from blown glass, metal, pearls and various other elements, bringing a unique and playful perspective to our jewellery boxes.

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