Falls 100 ml Fragrance

44.990 Ft

Indulge yourself with this one of a kind body and personal space eau de parfume inspired by the scents of Oahu, Hawaii.

The Falls features the following notes:

Tropical spices, hapu’u tree ferns, rushing water, green mist, wet jungle moss, monkeypod bark, manoa red clay.

About Regime des Fleurs

Founded in Los Angeles, 2014 by Alia Raza and Ezra Woods, Regime des Fleurs is known for their unique take on luxury fragrance. From vivid packaging to evocative scents, their heavily researched, high-concept collections draw inspiration from nature, history, and art.

Régime des Fleurs first introduced Fait Main, a collection of handmade, avant-garde perfumes formulated with raw ingredients and presented in exquisitely painted bottles. In 2016, Régime des Fleurs added their Eau de Parfums inspired by the botanical kingdom and Artefacts candles inspired by the ancients. In 2018, Régime des Fleurs unveiled their vibrant Personal/Space collection of multi-purpose fragrances for the skin, hair, and the air.

Régime des Fleurs’s Personal/Space collection is a love letter to the island of Oahu. Inspired by the flora, fauna and flavors of the island of Oahu, this versatile scent is equally well suited to skin, hair, linens and air.