Brigitte Straw Hat

69.990 Ft

Make a statement in this large, chic, Brigitte Bardot inspired natural straw hat which gives you an exclusive look. It's so easy to imagine this piece accessorizing a beachy outfit in a tropical honeymoon destination. It's made from straw with an oversized brim that's perfect for shielding your face and shoulders from the sun. Finished with custom lining and signature metal Vecsei V emblem on the back. Handcrafted in Hungary.

About Vecsei Millinery
Budapest based Vecsei Millinery is a contemporary accessories and lifestyle label that brings a modern edge to a timeless classic and a unique twist to women’s style. The brand's headpieces are handcrafted with skill, care and vision to make sure they’re one-of-a-kind, and yet a perfect fit for any wardrobe, mood or occasion.

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