V-12 Leather Sneakers

57.990 Ft

The V-12 designed by VEJA is a pair of classic, lace-up sneakers with chunky rubber soles that will fit any outfit that you desire, let it be a casual knitted, leisure set or a sexy dress with sparkling accessories! It’s made of 100% leather and a whole bunch of environmentally friendly materials from Brazil, therefore it’s not only a stylish but also a conscious choice to wear!

  • Composition: Upper in Leather
  • Panels: Leather and Suede
  • Logo V: Suede
  • Insole: Amazonian rubber, sugar cane, recycled E.V.A.* and organic cotton
  • Outsole: Amazonian rubber (31%), rice waste (22%) and recycled rubber (12%)
  • Lining: Tech (100% recycled polyester)
  • Laces: Organic cotton (100%)
  • Made in Brazil

Veja is the most ethical and ecological sneaker brand in the world. The two French founders Sébastien Kopp and François Morillion are childhood friends and founded Veja after their travels across Asia, South America and Africa. They saw the dark side of globalization and wanted to build something that is ethical at every stage of the business: from sourcing and the production cycle, right through to packaging, distribution and even the energy the company's French headquarters use. They decided to deconstruct and reinvent the most simple product that everyone wears daily, the sneakers. The Veja sneakers are made with raw materials from organic and agro-ecological farming, without chemicals or polluting processes. Veja does not have any advertising or marketing expenses. They believe that making shoes differently is a signal to say that everything has to be reinvented, that nothing is taken for granted.

The statement V logoed sneakers are a staple in the full SPARK LE MONDE founding team's wardrobes. Whilst a few years (or was it decades?) back we were still running around in our 3 inch stilettos, as our lives changed we are always looking for the perfect stylish sneakers. Super conscious production with the touch of the French 'je ne sais quoi' results in must-have sneakers. Turning fashion sustainable is a long and endless journey what Veja has been walking for a longtime now.

Make a conscious statement and switch your regular sneakers to a Veja pair, sneakers that respect man, produced under dignified conditions, in direct consultation with producer associations and manufacturers. Every step of their production is sustainable just to mention a few: The organic cotton used by VEJA is produced by associations of farmers in Brazil and Peru who cultivate it with respect for people and the environment. Organic cotton is purchased directly by VEJA according to fair trade principles, before being woven to form the canvas, laces and stems of many VEJA models. Another of the main raw materials of VEJA is Amazonian rubber. Over 380 tonnes of rubber have been purchased since 2004 from 620 families. This material is present in each sole of the sneakers. They buy rubber directly from cooperatives, formed by several families of Amazonian rubber harvesters (“the syringeiros”). Thanks to these harvests, the areas surrounding the homes of the seringueiros are protected. Read more about their sustainable story on Veja's website.

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