Gift ideas for the Spark Le Monde woman

on December 13, 2020
Before I started writing this article I was thinking about how I could create a festive atmosphere. Each time I ended up opening Spotify and playing the soundtrack of Love Actually. At home our rule is to only watch this movie at Christmas time (but then thirty times in a row). Now I cannot stop and the soundtrack is on loop and I suggest the same to you to have sparkling energies swaying in your living room while reading the article.
In this recommendation the Spark Le Monde team created gift package ideas to help you find the best ones for your loved ones. Stop standing in the never-ending queues in the mall and leave the awkward shopping conditions behind. Sit back in your favorite armchair and let us do the (sometimes stressful) Christmas gift hunt for you. The good news is that you can find presents for all of your loved ones in one place. Although this article is about gifts for women, we do have some cool swag for the guys too.
Gift for a classic, romantic and always chic lady
We made this selection for a lady who looks perfect and composed at any time of the day. Elegant and chic scent surrounds her all the time, and her shoes and handbag always match perfectly. She is never shy to wear an extravagant yet classic tailoring trench. Her jewellery is tiny but even more sparkling.
Gift for a fancy, party-lover and always shining woman
This selection is for a woman who works hard in her everyday life but on weekends she is the wildest party girl. Whether she goes hiking or getting ready for a prom, the boots are as good on her feet when she puts on an evening gown as they are with her torn jeans. You know this girl, don't you? We adore her too! The book Born To Party, Forced To Work was not only written for her, but its title was certainly inspired by her. These treasures individually or even together can be the greatest gifts from you to her. Light the Wouf candle together and enjoy the festive atmosphere.
Gift for an adventurous, trendy and always smiling woman
This compilation is made for the smiling girl who most often wears earth tones, yet she is always the most fashionable. She would be happy with a teddy bear but the real surprise for her is a coat reminding her of that fluffy toy. The rest of the set is restrained in colour just the way she likes it but still gives her the trendiest look. We also know that she is always in a good mood because she takes a long, pampering bath in the evenings. The Moon Bath book will help her to relax and learn about bathing rituals, and its embossed cover is as beautiful as if you were giving her a painting as well. You are guaranteed to delight her with any of these gifts.
Gift for an extravagant, brave and always sexy woman
And this set is for the hottest. Vegan leather balloon jacket, snake patterned leather skirt and Western boots. For a woman who really knows how to wear these pieces. She is not afraid of dressing bravely and enjoys envious looks as she walks around the city. With her accessories she is always at the forefront of current trends even if it’s a puffy leather bag or a special gold earring. Her secret hobby is a relaxing facial treatment what she enjoys with the healing power of Jade stone or other crystals.
Let’s find the perfect Christmas gifts in Spark Le Monde!