The art of finding the perfect Christmas gift

on December 13, 2020
As you may have noticed it feels like we lost our sense of time this year. So much has happened and is happening all around us recently that time just flew by these few months. We can no longer be surprised that the holidays are almost here. It happened really fast! Precisely because of our deceptive sense of time it can’t be too early to start buying gifts as well. Finding the perfect Christmas present for our loved ones can be very stressful. But the good news is that in Spark Le Monde you will find in one place the best surprises for your relatives, your best friends and of course secretly for yourself. Sit back and shop easily with a few clicks and use the rest of the time (which you would otherwise spend standing in the crowded malls) to recharge yourself spiritually to be your  best self during the holidays. And don’t worry we won’t tell anyone if you surprise yourself. Everyone deserves something special if they survived the year 2020. With a unique selection made by Spark Le Monde you are guaranteed to put a smile on your loved ones face while unwrapping their gifts under the tree.
While reading the article listen to this song to get in a festive mood:
Let’s see the best of classics
The holidays can’t be complete without the colorful socks that warm our feet while we’re watching Love Actually in our pajamas for the third time. The premium socks by Bonne Maison are made of Egyptian cotton which is spun into soft yarn in Italy. Each pair is made up of unique colours which guarantees all designs to be exclusive. The socks are knitted with a double thread so they are durable but also thin which allows the patterns to be needle-sharp. Each piece is a work of art. You couldn’t even dream about better Christmas socks.
We really like to take steaming tea or mulled wine with us for a winter walk. The festive mood stays in the taste of a hot drink that the 24 Bottles Climas keep warm for up to 12 hours. Thus whoever receives this gift from you will always think of you with love when his/her coffee brewed in the morning is waiting for him/her hot even in the afternoon. The steel 24 BOTTLES  bottles with an extremely stylish Italian design help us to be an active participant of today’s eco-revolution. The mysterious ‘-0.08’ on the bottles symbolizes the carbon emission we protect our Earth from with each refill of our bottles. The designers of the brand compensate the emissions caused by production, packaging and transport by afforestation so that their products have a truly zero ecological footprint. The 24 BOTTLES created two different collections the CLIMA and the URBAN. The difference between the two is that while the URBAN Bottle is the lightest steel bottle on the market specifically designed to replace PET bottles, the double-walled CLIMA Bottle even takes care of the temperature of our drink.
Can you imagine Christmas being complete without candle-light? BoySmells brings a little light, sensuality and intimacy to our home. The hand-poured candles with the recyclable jars were hand-labeled in Los Angeles. The scents are gentle, sensual and special. A true unisex game with scents in combinations like the smoky rose scented Cinderose. BoySmells is for everyone. The intimate decoration of the bedside table, an excellent partner for cuddling in bed, for your favorite book or just a relaxing bath. Let it shine on those magical days.
In 2020 there can be no holiday without some skin care product included in the gift package. This is no longer just a joy for women as more and more men are concerned about the health of their skin and can never refuse a stress relieving facial massage. Non-violent tools go back to ancient beauty techniques to make the luxury of facial massage a routine from now on. Combining the healing effects of minerals with old Japanese traditions Skin Gym aims to take us back to the basics of beauty care. You only need a few minutes a day to massage your face with these wonderful minerals that will caress your soul and keep your face young at the same time. It cools, tightens and quickly takes away puffiness and in the long run strengthens your contours. Surprise your loved one with a pampering Skin Gym product.
Christmas and glitter. There’s a scene in every classic Christmas movie where a woman in love finds a small square box under the tree that hides a beautiful piece of jewellery. Whatever Crystal Haze jewelry you will surprise your sweetheart with, she will definitely not take it off anymore. Everything your partner needs is in the Crystal Haze jewellery: femininity, sparkle, a little fun and the healing effect of crystals on the body and soul. Crystal Haze as its name suggests focuses primarily on crystals, creating wonderful, unique, modern pendants from natural stones. For these healing pendants the founders designed the most fashionable chain variations. Crystal Haze procures raw materials from Brazil, Turkey and Greece from tiny, family businesses with a focus on supporting the female workforce. The sweetest extra that the brand catches the attention of all ages and genders is the charm of the Nostalgia Bear which is made in more colours for child-minded fashion fanatics like us. Glam the holidays up with some brilliant pendants and a teddy bear.
Is there still space in your cart? You must have a relative or friend who says he/she “doesn’t need anything. But that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t hurt him/her feelings if you arrive with empty hands.  We can only suggest you again to sit back and stop panicking. We found a solution of this situation as well. WOUF products can be brilliant gifts for all genders. Choose a laptop case, a XXL size “everything fits in" bag, a nice mask, a notebook or you can even put together a nice set from them. These products are inspired in Spain. Everything from the design table to the production takes place in the mediterranean country. High quality materials, elaborate details and colours everywhere. This will come as a real surprise to anyone who has repeated so much that he/she doesn’t need anything because now he/she will realize that his/her life wouldn’t be complete without it.