Floaty Soft Plumbum Group Attraction
Floaty Soft Plumbum Group Attraction

    Floaty Soft Plumbum Group Attraction

    by UTO

    62.990 Ft

    The Floaty Soft Plumbum Group Attraction by UTO

    • Composition: 100% Chrome-Plated, Plant-Based UV Resin
    • Dimensions: 11,5 × 10,5 × 2,5 cm, Weight: 76 g

    Unidentified T-Shirt Object (UTO) was born in Budapest, Hungary from the innovative mind of designer Lala Tóth in 2022. The cutting-edge brand transcends conventional fashion boundaries by fusing ancient craftsmanship with cutting-edge 3D-printing technology. The result is a series of awe-inspiring, statue-like objects that serve as a transformative bridge between ordinary T-shirts and contemporary jewelry. Crafted for the independent and forward-thinking individual, UTO is more than just a fashion accessory; it's a powerful statement.

    We love UTO for its seamless blend of sustainable innovation and contemporary style. UTO is an avant-garde statement, symbolizing the freshest wave of sustainable fashion for those rewriting the narrative of conscious living in style. Not just for fashion rebels.

    UTO emerged not as an environmental savior but as a sustainable response to the overconsumption prevalent in everyday fashion. Through the application of regenerative design principles, UTO breathes new life into existing T-shirts, offering a fresh perspective on personal style and conscious consumption. By choosing UTO, wearers not only embrace unique, handcrafted designs but also actively contribute to a more sustainable fashion ethos.

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