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The P*nis Ring in gold colour from the brand VIVETTA
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    P*nis Ring

    by Vivetta

    33.061 Ft

    There are natural symbols, and... well, within them, there are symbols of fertility, among which the millennia-old symbol is the silhouette of a penis. The VIVETTA P*nis Ring  brings back this almost forgotten symbol of power and fertility into the world of contemporary fashion, in a somewhat provocative manner within the 21st. Century's neo-prudery. We love it and can't wait for you to put it on too. Combine with everything!


    • Composition: 100% Brass

    Established in 2009, Vivetta is the brainchild of Italian designer Vivetta Ponti, whose creative journey was shaped by her experiences working within the prestigious landscape of Italian fashion, including notable positions at luxury brands like Roberto Cavalli. Inspired by her upbringing amidst antiques, art, and nature in Assisi, Vivetta infuses each garment with intricate embroidery and elaborate embellishments. Her designs pay homage to her love of animals and childhood memories, capturing the essence of Italian elegance with a playful twist. Vivetta's creations seamlessly blend vintage influences with contemporary sensibilities, showcasing Made in Italy craftsmanship at its finest.

    We are still wondering how elegant vintage-inspired outfits with the most intricate details just click with... well, p*nis rings. It's a sight that left us wide-eyed, yet undeniably intrigued. The collision of sophistication and audacity is just too good not to share. Because, really, when elegance rubs shoulders with the unexpected, it's fashion's way of saying, "Surprise!" So go ahead, have a chuckle with us and enjoy the ride. After all, in the world of style, anything goes, and laughter never goes out of fashion.

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