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The Lucee High-Waist Flared-Leg Pants in beige colour from the brand BY MALENE BIRGER
Model wearing the Lucee High-Waist Flared-Leg Pants in beige colour from the brand BY MALENE BIRGER
Model wearing the Lucee High-Waist Flared-Leg Pants in beige colour from the brand BY MALENE BIRGER

    Lucee High-Waist Flared-Leg Pants

    by By Malene Birger

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    The By Malene Birger Lucee High-Waist Flared-Leg is a true lounge pants that you can wear out on the streets, as it prioritizes comfort. Characterized by high-quality materials and loose fit, this pants ensures you can always be yourself whenever you wear it.

    • Composition: 100% Acetate

    By Malene Birger, founded in 2003 by the Danish siblings Maja and Ellen Dixdotter, was one of the brands that made the sophisticated minimalist style of "scandi cool" popular worldwide. Nowadays, it is considered as one of the most distinctive Scandinavian labels which has achieved its eternal success through continuous renewal. A few years ago Mathilde Torp Mader, a graduate of Central Saint Martins who previously worked for brands like Marni and Sonia Rykiel, joined as creative director with the aim to modernize the collections and bring them to an international audience. Since then, she has updated the brand's usual understated simplicity aesthetic with a younger, more fashion-oriented thinking, while still retaining the timeless designs. The purpose of By Malene Birger is to make women feel conscious and strong in their contemporary and bohemian pieces, while providing a high degree of comfort as well. Soft jackets in neutral colors, high-quality knitted and textured clothes and accessories with exciting details - it's no wonder that By Malene Birger has become one of the favorites of fashion enthusiasts!

    A capsule wardrobe, which is made of materials that – if you could – you would always wear naked and of colours that you would want to see even if you could see no other shades from now on, and which has textures that caress you even by simply looking at them. You get a compulsion to own every piece of By Malene Birger once you see them, and you feel like your wardrobe won't be complete until they are all yours. A few pieces of clothes from the brand and from now on you'll be excited to get dressed in the morning. You will finally not dread having to leave the soft duvets and wool blankets in your bed because the sweater you decide to hide in will continue to caress you. The By Malene Birger brand radiates such calmness and intimacy, that when you look at the collection, you have the urge to slow down and the whirlwind, which is your life, abates. It's a bit like as if the brand could pull the wearer out of the hamster wheel of everyday life and open a parallel universe where everything is about relaxation, a warm sencha tea and a fantastic novel. Could Hygge be something like this when it takes shape in a clothing brand?

    The By Malene Birger collections are designed with the entire life cycle of their products in mind: from the materials used, through the production processes, until the life journey of garments after purchase. Their goal is to create pieces that prove to be a long-term investments, even for several generations. The brand is committed to designs that fits into circular production and they add a "Made with Care" label to those pieces that meet their internal responsibility standards.

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