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Beach trend is a thing!

on June 23, 2021

In this article we would like to show you 5 ways how be the most fashionable on the beach. Let us introduce you to our favourite summer brand, Sunnylife. The Australian brand was conceived in 2003 on the sunny beaches of Sydney with one goal: to share the authentic Australian style with the rest of the world. Today it is the leading summer lifestyle brand all over the world. The brand is recognized for its extensive collections featuring every must-have beach item imaginable. Every piece delivers on innovation, quality, functionality and style.

Keep scrolling down where you can find 5 beach outfits with the perfect beach outfit and accessories.

Leopard pattern everywhere


Are you looking for something sophisticated for the beach? Maybe it wasn’t possible before, but the Sunnylife turkish towel and Vintage lie-on float can help you out. Stay just as stylish as you always are and choose the Reina Olga Funky swimsuit with the Rodebjer Sylvia sunglasses. Don’t forget the MUUÑ's Sophie straw bag in which you can literally pack in everything you need for a summer day!

The forever trend: black and white


A romantic vacation in South-Italy? You can’t go wrong with black and white. In the Eco Everything Carryall bag you can easily pack the Vintage lie-on float and the Turkish towel. WARNING: the Lucia swimsuit is gonna look gorgeous on you! The Rodebjer sunglasses are the perfect choice for this black and white outfit!

In love with summer colours


No, it’s not childish, it's just super cool! Be quick and don’t miss the peacock ride-on float or other fun ride-on floats of our collection. The gorgeous pastel violet tone of the Eva bikini will flatter any skin tone. Highlight your colourful outfit with the Arizona Love platform sandals, Bandana beach bag and the Bladestunner sunglasses. It could be the perfect festival wear with a pair of ripped denim shorts. Don’t be afraid of letting your inner child out to have real fun!

The sunset outfit

After a long day of sightseeing we run to the beach to catch the beautiful sunset. In the so-called golden hours you will spark in your Lumiere swimsuit. When you have warmed up, dive into the sea and have fun with the Paradiso pool ring. After the sun fully disappears, cover yourself with the Luxe towel. Enjoy these wonderful summer evenings!

“We are just having so much fun” outfit

The coolest choice of the season is the white Puffer beach bag and the matching Pelican ride-on float. Spice them up with the gorgeous Showpony swimsuit, the Fendi sunglasses and the original Spark Le Monde Britney scrunchie.  And you are definitely ready for the best pool party! Have fun!

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Wish you the best summer,

Spark Le Monde