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    Round Double Bridge Horsebit Temple Sunglasses

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    Oversized Square Logo Temple Sunglasses

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    Square Metal Framed Sunglasses With Chain

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    Monogrammed Shield Ski Goggles

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    Interlocking-G Rectangle-Frame Sunglasses

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    Oversize Geometric Mask Sunglasses

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    Gucci is the first brand to come into your mind when talking about luxury fashion. The brand has an allure like no other. Founded in Florence by a former bellboy of the Savoy Hotel in London over a 100 years ago, Guccio Gucci was inspired by all the aristocrats arriving to the hotel with their luxurious suitcases. He associated these aristocrats’ pastimes with the brand, such as horse riding, where the horsebit logo of the brand comes from. Through the years of family feuds, takeover attempts, Gucci has earned its place at the top of the fashion ladder by one of a kind Italian craftsmanship, innovative and forward thinking design and last but not least a century worth of ideas and practice.