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    Rosa No.1 Pearl Earrings

    31.488 Ft

    Charlotte Pearl Earrings

    20.465 Ft

    Elisabeth Intertwined Oval Earrings

    62.984 Ft

    Rosa No.2 Pearl Earrings

    44.087 Ft

    Elisabeth Oval-Chain Bracelet

    75.583 Ft

    Initial Pearl Bracelet

    28.339 Ft

    Tokyo Link-Chain Pearl Bracelet

    31.488 Ft

    Jen Pearl-Beaded Necklace

    31.488 Ft

    Hannah Heart-Charm Chocker

    47.236 Ft

    Emmie Pearl Necklace

    39.362 Ft

    Emmie Beaded Pearl Necklace

    59.835 Ft

    Hannah Heart-Charm Pearl Bracelet

    31.488 Ft

    Eva Pearl-Stone Choker

    67.709 Ft

    Eva Pearl-Stone Bracelet

    36.213 Ft

    Karen Multi-Link Twisted Choker

    91.331 Ft

    Initial Pearl Necklace

    55.110 Ft

    Rosa Pendant-Embellished Pearl Necklace

    44.087 Ft

    Hannah Heart-Charm Pearl Earrings

    31.488 Ft

    Emmie 3-Set Bracelet

    39.362 Ft

    Karen Bracelet

    51.173 Ft

    Ted Bi-Material Bracelet

    51.173 Ft

    GISEL B. is a French jewellery brand founded by Clémence Masson in 2015. The name of the brand was inspired by the designer’s grandmother, Gisèle, together with whom Clémence practiced embroidery work and accessorized dolls with treasures found in old cupboards. This adds a young girlish sentiment to the brand’s character. Besides, the designs are also inspired by Masson's travels and her passion for art and architecture. The results are unique and refined pieces, offering a contemporary take on traditional French craftsmanship. The creations are a blend of modern and vintage elements, combining clean lines and geometric shapes with delicate curves and intricate details. The brand's signature material is cultured pearls from Asia, which are utilized at their rawest form to create jewellery that is both elegant and edgy.