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Your jewellery dreams are coming true today!

on March 21, 2022
It’s jewellery time! Are you a pearl person? Or a gold one? Are you crazy about everything that's silver? Do you like to play with hundreds of layers of colourful beads? I have great news! In Spark Le Monde your jewellery dreams are coming true today!

In this guide I would like to show you some very casual outfit ideas, that you can spice up with different, but amazing accessories. You will definitely find your style here. May I give you some advice? First, find a set of basics. I mean the perfect pair of earrings, the simple chain and one or two rings. These will define your style and later you can complement them with colours, pearls and layers of sparkling accessories. I have a pair of Mayol gold earrings, a gold necklace with a heart and a cross pendant, and three rings I wear every day. And sometimes I put on an extra ear cuff, and layer my neck with extra pearls with my Nostalgia Bear Pendant from Crystal Haze. It’s my perfect trick, my treasures will make my most casual, white tee and jeans outfit sparkling.

In the pictures below, you can find some capsule must-have garments with all types of jewelleries. Click on the photos and find the whole jewellery collection of Spark Le Monde:


Are you a silver lover? You must be very happy right now! It’s time to layer those silver beauties, and wear them with a sleeveless top and a pair of boyfriend jeans. I would also recommend a pair of silver detailed ballerina flats and a recycled bag from Ganni.


I’m more of a gold person, but it also changes from time to time. What I love about jewellery is that no matter what I wear, they dress me up. Give it a try! Put on a white tee, a pair of baggy jeans and of course the most comfy Veja sneakers. And what’s next? Go bold (and gold)!!! Put on as many jewelleries as you feel like! Or just find your perfect pair of earrings, with a nice necklace and bracelet. It depends on your mood! It depends that less is more or less is a bore :)


First of all, you really need a bodycon! You can wear a dress like this either with heels or sneakers. Complement with a nice bag, just like this Stée Atelier one. On the top, find the perfect match of pearls and shells. Looking at this picture makes me wanna attend a fancy event tonight! What about you? Or just go to an important meeting to win everyone’s attention?! Go for it!!!


Maybe this is the best trend of all! Colours, flowers, crazy childish though super cool accessories. No taboos, no limits. This is a casual Y2K outfit: a colourful tee, a vintage inspired pair of printed jeans, chunky sneakers and a little handbag just like on the 2000’s red carpet. Here you can really go insane and wear as many beads and laces as you want! Let it be a Helena Thulin piece, a cute bear pendant from Crystal Haze, or a Wilhelmina Garcia treasure!

I hope you found your dream jewellery collection, while you finished my article!