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Essence of a classic and versatile wardrobe

on July 25, 2021
Clean lines and simplicity. Two treats that a modern woman definitely needs in her wardrobe. If you'd like to make your style more chic, I brought some ideas especially for you. Shine all day and feel comfortable at the same time, I'll show you how.

Beige on you

You can reach the romantic vibe easily with the right shirt. Combine the earth colours with some gold jewellery. It's possible to golden up and still keep it simple.

Oversize and matching

There is nothing more masculine and sexy at the same time, than an oversized women's suit. Bring it on, in every colour you wish for, it'll be the perfect outfit for any occasion. I vote for lavender monochrome!

Streamlined dresses

What is more feminine, than a bodycon dress? You definitely need one in your wardrobe. And you know, why? Because it doesn't matter if it's summer or winter, you can combine it into the right outfit. Get more in different materials to match your mood.


Sleeved and fit

It's classic and timeless, a sleeved and fit dress can never goes out of style. A black is a must-have tone, but why not try a lighter, sky shade? It works perfectly with high heels, sandals and even with sneakers. Depends on your comfort-zone.

Short on colour?

The A-line short is a basic piece of the minimalist wardrobe. You can wear them with shirts, tops, t-shirts, even works with cardigans on the colder days. And do not mention the shoes, as it works with everything. Try a romantic high heeled sandal or a white sneaker. That's my favourite at the moment.

It comes handy

Enough with the puns, there are important things to do! For example, choose the perfect bag for you! One of my favourite choice will be always a small handbag to carry - and I think I found the perfect one in multiple shades.

The perfect trench

It doesn't matter if you vote for the classy one, or you shake up things with a different texture, the only thing, what counts, that you have a clean and simple trench, which works perfectly on your daily routines and night outs.


This is IT

All you need is a statement bag, and why not have a conscious one? The Molly bag from GLYNIT brings back a little bit of nostalgia with a modern colour palette. Choose your favourite, these three are mine.


Black and cropped

A shirt with a jeans is an easy and classy outfit, but why not shake up with a well designed cropped shirt? Puffed sleeves or wild western, it's up to you! Make your outfit about your self-expression.


White vibe

An easy shirt or a knitted top, never been more fancy. The simplicity of an outfit holds the key to chicness and mystery. Be the lady who you want to be!

Feel good in your skin

To grab the special attention, all you need is a fitted leather dress. Choose a timeless black one, or get the modern baby blue, the cool and romantic vibe is guaranteed.
I hope you enjoyed my versatile wardrobe picks, click on the pics to reach the collection, and combine the item with each other as well to maximize your style-game.
With Love,
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