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Fashion meets astrology – this is what you should wear according to your sign

on January 21, 2022
If you dive a little bit in astrology, you realize, that this is as complex as our personality. The most important signs are our Sun, Moon and Rising, but our Venus and Mars can also be influental.

Sun speaks to confidence and sense of self, including identity. Your Moon is about your intuition and a compass to your emotions. The Rising Sign (or ascendant) is your external self, how others see you. Venus is the feminine and Mars the masculine. These two planets are relating to one another and the these two qualities you have within. Mars is all about action, while Venus is more subtle. She knows what she does or doesn’t like. Their polarity helps to achieve balance.
But enough about the stars and planets, let’s see all the styles and colours according to your sign. If you don't know your signs in your birth chart, click here to calculate asap.

If you like, what you see, click on the pics to find the collection I created according to all the signs. We deliver worldwide the most beautiful items of 2022, directly to your wardrobe.

The sophisticated. Capricorns love comfort. Their style is all about simplicity with a twist. This season try something new, dear Capricorn, we have a lot on-trend styles in our pocket.  Show your status and quality oriented self. Order all the goods to your home and use your manager skills to organize your new wardrobe. Spend some time with your family, relax and play music.

The passionate rebel. You truly love to look great, right? Let out your wild side and express it through fashion. It’s time to experiment. The spotlight is always on you, so show how progressive, original, creative and independent you are. You can have fun, helping others and have an intellectual conversation while looking rebelliously good.

The free spirit with a humorous and warm personality. You flow all the time, and you see life like a big, fun swimming pool. So there are some flowing silhouettes for your artistic soul. If you enjoy quiet time, there might be a few more option to represent yourself through style. If someone dress for their mood, you need a big collection of different shades and cuts. Express your spirituality and compassion and don’t forget about the gemstones.

The master of street style. Classic, but cool, you born with a fashion sense. Seamless looks, Just don’t forget to add some basic to your courageous, confident and enthusiastic self. Let out your girlboss, and match comfort with mystery. Add some accessories, because I know, you can’t get enough!

The brave fashion conqueror. It doesn’t matter if you cook or you go on a date, bold pieces and accessories are must-haves. Probably you already have a fashion blog. If not, I’m sure all eyes are on you. You dress for yourself, and eventually you impact your environment. Get our wow pieces and your reward will be confidence. I know you love quality, form and function, so you are in a good place.

The complex soul. You take pleasure to change your style, maybe several times within a day. Your outfit can turn heads, and may not everybody understands it. The way you express your true personality is just clear. You know what you like, but it can be different from time to time. Volume or silhouette, you take fashion to another level. Gemini-curiousity and ability to learn quickly keeps you moving and up-to-date style-wise. Your inspiration can come from books, magazines and anything you see beautiful.

The classy dame, with a bohemian twist. You have an eye for clean lines, but you mix the sharpness well with relaxed essentials. Show your calmness through your clothes. Express your love for art, food and entertainment with timeless and elegant classics, with elevated pieces.

The eye-catching style icon. Leos are well-known of their passion and headstrongness, but that qualities can come handy when it comes to self-expression through fashion. They crave for creativity and attention, and that is shown in their wardrobe perfectly. The cheerful style combined with season’s hotness. We all need this type of friend with a sense to have in our squad.

The true lady with a deep love of classics, yet unusual. Always polished and well tailored, your style is absolutely your signature. Virgos are great with channeling their analytical, loyal, kind, yet practical personality into their effortless, but cool style.  Books and nature are your biggest inspirations? We offer you casual and earth-friendly outfits to bring your fashion-game on.

The harmony-seeker. Sometimes on edge, but always good-looking. All bright or all dark, there is no colour in-between. But your cooperative, fair-minded and social self compensate everything. You easily change your style from day to night only to change a little. Sharing is caring, Libra, you are the wild and beautiful, in life and in wardrobe as well.

The always mysterious. Scorpios love to have quality pieces. You’re a creature of challenge, always up to have a fashion game. You are brave, passionate, charming, and you always show perfection, so nobody knows what to expect when it comes to your personality. You only let people in from your inner circle. It’s like to wear a coat, and who knows what you wear under it. Nothing or everything?

Feminine or classy? Always on board with the latest trends, fired up but with a sense of humor, what comes back with your style as well. You are an idealistic, Sagittarius, but you are bold and you take on you your freedom, travel, philosophy and fashion sense. Bold colours are not far from you, but you bring them in with clean silhouettes. Your accessories are always slaying and steal the show.
Hope your signs matched your own sense of style. If yes, you know what to wear this season. If not, all I’m asking you to be open and let something new into your life and also into your wardrobe.