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Wedding seasON - What to wear after the pandemic?

on May 13, 2021
We have all been waiting for the summer to be all about weddings again. Now, that the time has come and everything has reopened, the only thing missing is to have a good time in the perfect new dress! Dust off your invitations and spice up your fashion game for the big day! Let us show you how! Click here to see the collection.

SAMSØE SAMSØE Apples Zebra-Print Dress, GLYNIT Molly Handbag

Outdoor weddings can be so much fun! Close to nature, feeling fresh and free. Make sure you wear something comfortable yet very fashionable. Choose patterns and colours, so if by any chance a spill happens, the stain won't show and your night can go on, happier than ever.

GANNI Leopard-Jacquard Dress, CRYSTAL HAZE Locked Necklace, WOUF Black Tiger Leather Camera Bag

Going to the woods can be a thematic wedding event. Why not play a little dress-up game for the sake of fun? Animal print is very elegant and femme, go wild with the patterns and textures. This outfit is all about confidence!

REMAIN BIRGER CHRISTENSEN West Dress, DANSE LENTE Lola Handbag, MAYOL JEWELRY Gold Mini Scallop Shell Earrings

Romance is in the air, why not go along with the vibe? A french-like outfit combined with a little golden magic in your ears is just the perfect combination for the last rays of sun on the day. One of my favourite looks to celebrate the love and union are these shades combined together.

ROTATE BIRGER CHRISTENSEN Dawn Dress, TOL EYEWEAR Alpine Sunglasses, LITTLE LIFFNER Mademoiselle Lizard-Embossed Leather Handbag

This is how the ultimate fashionista shows up at a wedding! Sporting the stunning Rotate Dawn dress with its signature super-sized puffed sleeves with the daring open back made from a zebra-like but toned back fabric. What could be more ladylike than this dress paired with a Mademoiselle handbag by Little Liffner!? All you need then are a pair of celebrity style visor shades to hide you from the paparazzi that will bound to follow you on any wedding!

SAMSØE SAMSØE Apples Mini Dress, LELE SADOUGHI Stardust Pearl Hoop Earrings

Shine bright like a diamond! Or a sapphire in this case!  The message of this outfit is crystal clear. It says you know you're worth it without being an in-your-face showoff. Look at the perfect harmony of the satin slip dress in midnight blue paired with the massive pearl hoops! All you need are these two items and your St Tropez diva look is guaranteed!

CIAO LUCIA Gioia Dress, P D PAOLA Citric Earrings, LITTLE LIFFNER Mademoiselle Lizard-Embossed Leather Handbag

A dress for a proper summer wedding! This look was inspired by the Tuscan gelato and the hot summer Italian evenings! The deep raspberry is perfectly paired with the custard yellow bag and accentuated with a colourful crystal earring! This look took our breath away and we will sure be rocking it in the weddings that we attend this summer!

Hope you enjoyed our selection of favourites. Click to see more of the collection.


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