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Glynit, the new IT bag

on May 04, 2021

The Baguette bag by Fendi was one of the first type of IT bags on the market. But what does IT mean? The so called bag is a high-end, quality piece with an expensive price tag, which contains the brand's DNA, and make the designers (or creative directors) recogniseable. The Baguette hit the market like a storm in the 90s, when the successful series, Sex and the City aired. Carrie Bradshaw, is still a fashion icon since then. The famous part, which made the baguette bag every girls and women dream, where Bradshaw got robbed. The thief yelled at her, to give him the bag. But she corrected him: this is a baguette. 


In 2019 the Baguette came back with Fendi and Silvia Venturini. After a few months, they launched a fragrance collaboration with Francis Kurkdijlan, perfumer. The bottle got the iconic look of the IT bag. Later they launched the first scented bag, which got the Fendi Frenesia name. They added the notes to the leather with a special technique, which keeps the odor for three years.

After we told you the story of the baguette bag, it's time to share the real reason we did so! The exciting news is, you don't have to spend a lot to be trendy. We brought you with Spark Le Monde the newest baguette-craziness: the GLYNIT bag. The dutch brand brings you the classic form, while still keeping the proportions. The modern twist with GLYNIT are the colours they bring in to this season.

We want to introduce you to our new brand in house, and show you these beauties with recommended looks. If you fall in love with any, don't hesitate to look for them in our online store. The reopened terraces are waiting for you to celebrate in style.

If you are more of a restrained type, you'll love the beige and black coloured pieces from GLYNIT. There is no exaggeration to say, that it fits with all.

If the freedom of spring and its colours would whirl you up, choose the right shade for your mood to match with your clothes. It's perfect for everyday occasions, but also a fantastic option for unique events.

Do you need anything more, or are all the colours are already in your basket, waiting to be checked out?

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