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on May 05, 2021
When it comes to summer, most of the minds are about having a beachbody in the right kind of swimwear. Let me tell you people, if there is a beach and there is a body, you've got, all you need! All shapes are beautiful, including yours, so why not shake up your fashion game with the right kind of bikini you feel awesome in? Actually, I came up some quaility stuff, made in Italy, so let me introduce you to the three ladies, you need to hear about this season: Oséree, Lido and Reina Olga.


It’s all about girl power! Quality, tradition with a modern twist, OSÉREE is for the women of a new era. Ose is a french verb, which means “to dare”. Three words, which will discribe you, when you put on these femme pieces: timeless, sensual and sophisticated. A playful design, sculpted for the natural beauty of the woman's body, which intended to make you feel special and comfortable. Passion and simplicity makes the brand great with effortlessness, unique and bold style for all the romantics around the world.


Imagine the sun kissing your skin, the wind caressing your hair, and the perfect look treating your body well. There is something very unique in the Italian seaside. Maybe the energy, that flows, or maybe it’s a secret, which Venice will keep. LIDO is an italian byword for beach club, and that was the original inspiration. A minimalist aesthetic on you to stay sexy yet practical at the same time. If you are a contemporary woman, this is for you! LIDO is a high quality, sustainable brand, with lots of recycled fabrics.


Reina Olga
A fun and wild brand matching your personal story. That's the inspiration. Just dream big and take over the world in fashion. This is a brand, that suits every women. Every girl is beautiful regardless of shape or size. All you need is a good cut bikini that enhances your features. Quality plays a great deal, also when it comes to show your stlye and self-express. Reina Olga is the sexiest thing hitting our store this summer for sure!


Hope I shaked your world up with the biggest summer style sensations now, and you've got in the mood to shop a little. So check out a few items from the ladies' wardrobes (a.k.a. the brand's most beautiful designs) to find out about your new est obsession. Click on the pictures to collect.

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