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Jewels And Moi – from Priszci

on December 01, 2023
Priszcilla Varga

A month ago a friend asked what’s an unusual object that would give me anxiety if I’d left the house without it.

Well, I was thinking a bit but then I said I always need to put a ring on, if I don’t have it, I either have to turn back, or if I’m realizing it’s too late - it happened not once but twice - I make a ring out of my keychain holder ring. So going by this far, we can say with confidence that jewellery is basically part of my body when I leave the house. I wasn’t always a ring + earring girlie but the way it elevates and define style started to fascinate me 5-6 years ago. Why? Mostly because I realised how a tiny object can still be so powerful. A huge pair of earrings makes your monochrome cosy oversized sweater + flared pants outfit look elegant and chic while a a funky necklace can take the same outfit in a totally different playful direction. And isn’t that fantastic? It’s possible to read someone’s personality just the way they accessorise themselves. I have varieties of jewellery in my drawer, from expensive hoop earring (yep you read it right, one, because I lost the other pair during clubbing) to cheap necklaces that I bought on some summer sale. So in that sense I would say anything goes with, and I am  particular when it comes to the color of the pieces.


I prefer gold and silver plated, but I love when I can just put on some similar cheaper material ones, not worrying about losing a piece (yes I’m still mourning that hoop). That being said - however - doesn’t mean that the goal is not curating meaningful and long-lasting objects even if its furniture, clothing, or jewels around ourselves. I love looking back on pieces that bring back so many memories. I only buy jewellery to someone when I’m a hundred percent sure about their style and or which brand they like because I think it can be really disappointing and just a weird situation, but when you get it right it’s a beautiful moment. With these thoughts I let you wander around here on the website with a bit of direction from me:

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