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Fashion News: Phoebe Philo's Comeback

on October 30, 2023

After leaving Céline in 2018 and taking a six-year break from fashion, Phoebe Philo announced her own brand in 2021. But due to various delays, we're only now getting the first official look at what she's been up to.


There has been a lot of speculation in the fashion world. Imran Amed from Business of Fashion wrote on Friday that her new brand may look very different from her previous work at Céline. Jess Cartner-Morley, a journalist from The Guardian, thinks that hiring Patrik Silen (from Asos) as the managing director could mean the brand is targeting a larger audience than her previous work.

The collection will be available on her own website, but there's no sign of any in-person fashion show happening soon, and there are no plans for physical stores yet. Even though Philo is a legendary name in the industry and has the support of LVMH, launching a completely new brand from scratch is challenging, as Rihanna's brand; in the article partially about her, we described it.

Will it operate like luxury startup brands, such as Telfar or Coperni, which combine traditional luxury elements with innovative pricing and shopping models, or will its identity and direction be shaped based on the cult of Philo? We dont't know yet, but Emily Oberg is a good example, who essentially created her brand, Sporty&Rich, based on her own Instagram feed. These brands need to find a way to sustain their luxury products without having 100 years of history behind them.

Phoebe Philo's website has also been launched, where you can now officially view her collection, although it may be a bit glitchy at times. The collection brings some interesting points to light:

  • First of all, the speculation from various sources that, with Patrick Silen joining from Asos, the Phoebe Philo brand would become more accessible to the general public in the fashion world turned out to be a misconception. The eye-catching pieces are intended for high fashion, and they are not willing to compromise on that. This is evident in the meticulousness of the collection.
  • It has been confirmed that Philo is deviating from her previous work, as the pieces are filled with bold and exciting details. You don't have to scroll far to come across hip-high zippered trousers, high-heeled Chelsea boots, or massive leather bags.
  • Exciting development is that there is still no news of a fashion show, which, on the part of LVMH, is a clear statement questioning the existence of fashion shows.


We wish you a great browsing experience among the exciting pieces and we are delighted that the long-awaited unveiling has taken place.