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Snaps From Milan Fashion Week - Street Style Edition

on September 29, 2022
As you may have noticed, Fashion Month is already underway. As promised, here's my report on the most exciting street style looks from Milan Fashion Week. I love to share my favourite outfits, and the best statement pieces with you guys, and fortunately that's exactly what we have this 'SPARKS' site for.
Fashion month always has amazing surprises in store for us. Stunning shows, gorgeous designs and lots of great looks. If you missed the Milan fashion parade, we've rounded up our favourite moments in our previous article: Unforgettable Moments of Milan Fashion Week with Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian at The Forefront


As always in the case of MFW, I was just as impressed by the outfits of the invited guests as I was by the catwalks. I love looking at the many different street style looks because I always get inspired by them. The way they combine the trendiest pieces urges me to be experimental and try new combinations of the pieces in my own wardrobe. The most exciting is that in order to dress in a similarly fashionable way, I don't need to replace my whole wardrobe, I just need to carefully select a couple of statement pieces and I can create a number of exciting new outfits. The key is to fill my wardrobe with timeless pieces.


The invited supermodels, fashion editors and fashionable folks did not disappoint. Scroll down to see some snaps from the coolest street style looks during MFW!



The energy on the streets of fashion week was highlighted by the stunning street style looks. Attendees not only had to be stylish, but also weather-appropriate. With this in mind, chunky boots became a staple of street sets for their functionality. It's no wonder, as boots go perfectly with skirts and trousers alike. If you find the perfect boots, trust me, you'll get the most out of them. Spark Le Monde has some really cool pieces in their range, check them out here.



Due to the cooler weather, layered dressing was emphasised with loose blazers and oversized jackets being the centrepiece of most outfits. Most focused on comfort, which I think is very cool and fashionable. An oversized blazer is definitely a must for your wardrobe, too, if you're a fan of a casual but chic look. Click on the image below to find a statement piece that suits you.



The outfits were made even more memorable by the chunky gold chains. A lovely gold or silver jewel will dress up even the simplest trouser and shirt combo. Anisa Sojka offers everything from chunky gold chains to sparkling bracelets. I prefer gold jewellery during the colder months, but if you would rather choose to wear silver, there's plenty of that too.



One of the most important pieces in a timeless wardrobe is the perfect bag to spice up your look. It's a good idea to invest in a bag that you can take with you on every occasion. Whether you prefer the revolutionary Coperni bags or the iconic BY FAR bags with a powerful design, I think either of them is a great choice.




If a pair of loose, high-waisted jeans can handle fashion week — and they definitely can  then they'll be a staple of your everyday style, too. If the jeans in the picture suit your style, you're in luck! You'll find these jeans at Spark Le Monde.





Out of the cool looks, my favourites were the textured garments. Many people arrived to the MSGM show in pieces from the brand's current fall-winter collection. It's no secret that these amazing creations are now available here. Don't you just love this plush effect set?


Thank you for reading this!


Lots of love,