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This is how you should wear your summer dresses in the fall!

on September 07, 2021
Are you about to pack up your summer dresses, and change your wardrobe to your autumn style? If you love your holiday pieces, just wait a minute. I'll show you, how to combine knitted and hot together! And to see more, there is a collection waiting for you to explore.

Match making
If you have a beautiful lime colored dress, it's a match made in heaven if you choose some earthy tones to add. Look, how powerful these shades are together, and how the flowers lighten up the seriousness.

Monochrome and textures
If you thought monochrome is boring, let me show you a look, where textures make everything exciting! Just look! Especially the knitted and faux-animal print, which makes the perfect sense.

Black and style
How about your stretchy turtleneck, combined with your little black summer dress? Pick a darker colour to bring out the autumn vibe, blue is a great statement choice in the season.

Statement dress
If I have to choose a favourite, here is my winner! This dress is just stunning on it's own, but my other favourite thing is knitted and light. Look how strong those accessories are. This look is about to shake up your fashion game!

Blue and olive
A suprising combination, which brings you to the island of harmony. What's your message when you wear it? This girl knows herself, and is ready to rock!

Dear Reader, I hope you enjoyed this little something, and got inspired, how to rethink and mix up your summer and autumn wardrobe. Boots and cardigan time is here, so make sure you don't miss your chance on these beautiful items in the collection, I created for you!

Mo xx