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The sexygan

on April 15, 2021
Sexigan; noun. | seksːɪɡən | A sexy cardigan. 

An attire, which is comfortable and sexy at the same time. The focus is on the classic knitted cardigan. The one, we have totally forgotten about for a few years, and one day just appears from the bottom of our wardrobe. Sounds weird, if you use sexy and granny-knitted in the same sentence, but let's admit it: it's a trend recommendation, which is absolutely a smart fashion choice. Just watch, how our favourite celebrities are wearing it. Take a look at the style of choice by Bella Hadid, who just buttoned only one and see our unique and carefully picked selection at the Spark Le Monde online store.

 Bella Hadid


The no classic classic

Just as Maria Bernad, you can choose a special buttoned cardigan with your bra, or even without it. Feel free to choose! This combination might be a low-cut, but also low-key and still sexy. There are plenty of choices in the sea. For example our Gestuz Jisa mohair cardigan is a classic must-have piece. And what makes it so special? The puffy sleeves! If you are looking for more excitement, pair it with a white shirt with ruffled collar. Our Ganni organic cotton shirt just speaks for itself.

Maria Bernad

Gestuz Jisa kardigán


The cropped sexigan

I'm sure, you've already met our Insta famous Tach Clothing iconic Dalia knitted top. Of course we can not leave out this beauty from this article. For colder days with a breathtaking wool coat, for the warmers just pair it with nice, little handbag and a high rise jeans. Damn! This look doesn't need an explanation, why you should wear it.

Tach clothing Dalia knit top (cream)

Tach clothing Dalia knit top (pistachio)

THE sexigan

The utmost classical, if only the two top buttons are closed over a lace bra. Or just wear a top with a matchy material underneath, just as Kendall. Katie Holmes also just found the most attractive way to wear the mysterious piece, showing a little skin of her shoulder. What can we say, it absolutely works! And it isn't too feminine, as the jeans balances out the look.

Brittany Xavier

Kendall Jenner

Katie Holmes

Kaia Gerber

Bella Hadid

Take a tour of our store or look around online for the perfect cardigan. It's a promise, we won't let you down!