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Our store on Andrássy Avenue turned two years old - What led us here?

on November 08, 2023
Opening a store is never easy because many questions arise in such a situation. Is it worth doing it? Is there a demand for it? Do people need it? Do we need it?

However, the answer was simple for the Spark Le Monde team: Yes, because we need the challenges that come with it. We managed to launch the concept store on Lövőház Street, so why not try a new adventure? This is how, two years ago, we opened our flagship store on Andrássy Avenue 18th.


Spark Le Monde aims to offer something that hasn't really been available in Hungary so far: a curated selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories from the latest and most exciting (even niche) brands that are revolutionizing the industry rising above the average – carefully chosen with great care.

From the very beginning, this mindset has been guiding us. The primary focus is always on the experience, we've positioned ourselves as representatives of a certain way of life, blurring the lines between fashion and artistic self-expression. As a result, when we launched our first store on Lövőház Street in the fall of 2019, and we didn't start with classic pieces. Instead, we did it with the intention of challenging and presenting something to the Hungarian and Budapest fashion-savvy audience that they hadn't really seen before – unique garments and designs.

We tried to accelerate the pace then, and we continue to do so now to keep up with the brands. They are increasingly steering towards a sustainable mindset alongside their enchanting and astonishing contours, even if this progress is often slow. We maintain our presence on the pulse of contemporary fashion, curating pieces individually, ensuring that our approach of fashion aligns faithfully with what our stores offer.

We opened our store on Andrássy Avenue 2 years ago because we wanted to establish a presence in Pest, not just Buda. We aimed to provide a suitable place for innovative and exciting designer clothing alongside the big brands.

The primary focus has always been on the experience and this still guides us when we introduce more and more fantastic and promising designer brands within our stores. We can offer our spirit which we also believe in: Clothing is more than itself – not just a function but a means of self-expression.

We warmly welcome you on Andrássy Avenue, where, on the occasion of our anniversary, you can enjoy exceptional discounts. For details, please refer to our latest newsletters or just visit our stores.

Thank you for the past years, and we wish you many more beautiful years ahead that we can spend together with you.

Celebration is at its best when you bring others along, because:
If there are two of you buy anything, you'll get 20% off.
With three, it's 30% off.
A group of four receives a 40% discount.
And if you gather five, you'll enjoy a 50% discount!

So, all you have to do is invite your friends, family, or even everyone you know at once! This way, you'll not only have a fantastic time but also treat yourselves to our birthday prices!

We look forward to see you! Celebrate with us until Sunday evening! 

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