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Berlin-based label Ottolinger is a collaboration between Swiss-born designers Christa Bösch and Cosima Gadient. The pyrotechnic design duo met in Switzerland at the Basel School of Design and saw in each other kindred spirits and a same sense of aesthetic. They quickly began making waves with their avant-garde and fearlessly destructive challenge to luxury fashion’s status quo. Through their brand they want to convey the times we are living, and their base always focuses on pattern and shape, treating fine materials roughly – they “destroy” pieces in the best way. This is the innocence of being a kid and a teenager, just doing things without questioning them too much. The Labels punk approach to couture tailoring is a sign of confidence that trumps the glamour of a sleek silhouette. Ottolinger’s deconstructivism is both sensuous/luscious and pragmatic, invested in sartorial experimentation and ecological enquiry. Labor-intensive creations are held to the highest standards in quality and challenge traditional notions of couture with textural and deconstructive applications. The creative directors described its couture-level tailoring juxtaposed alongside radical deconstruction. The name for the label comes from a surname they spotted on a neighbor’s doorbell. The clothes have the look and feel of the one-of-a-kind, though deeply connected to a vigorous network of shared sensibilities and values about fashion, art, music and social action.