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The 2021 Hat Trends That You Cannot Live Without

on May 05, 2021
The bucket hat trend
Spark Le Monde is always here to surprise you with the latest and most striking trends. Now that we mention the bucket hat, we brought you the coolest of them all, the vegan leather hat from Low ClassicMost of the fashion houses created their own bucket hat designs from very diverse materials, some are fluffy, glittery, or furry, there is really no limit to their imagination. It may seem a little extravagant, but you can see in the picture how aesthetically pleasing it looks with a monochrome outfit. If you like to go incognito, then your bucket hat teamed with a pair of sunglasses is going to be your favourite accessory this season. Rock your monochrome outfit with the vegan leather trench from Low Classic

The soft hats

Wide-brimmed hats made from soft textile. When we characterize fashion as playful, we think of trends like this one. You can these fabric hats in every season and they are going to be the perfect accessory that complements any outfit of yours. Ganni's super fun and trendy plaid hat (in the picture above) is waiting for you to take it with you on your summer vacation.

The beanie for all occasions

Knit beanies have always been trending but are making their ultimate comeback this year. Let them be black or colourful, they add a little coolness to any outfit. The Sendina Alpaca Hat from Rodebjer has the luxury quality and timeless design you've been begging for and it will serve you for a long time. Let your beanie do the job on a bad hair day, nothing will stop you now from grabbing your your coffee early in the morning.

The granny scarf

If you have a favourite scarf you can wear it in endless variations. Back in the day we only used to wear it around our neck. Recently it has became a trend to tie them around our head, the way we have seen our grandmas do it. Wear it above your baseball hat or even under you fluffy beanie. It will serve its purpose on sunny days too, just tie the around your ponytail, wrap it around your head like a turban or weave it into your ponytail! Pamper your hair and skin with the 100% silk scarfs from Aeneis.

The new season of the baseball hat

Scrolling Instagram you will find more and more influencers wearing baseball hats. A must have piece if you don't already own one! Wear it with a jogging set for a super casual look, or pair it with a floral maxi dress for ultimate style. Wearing the Ganni's jogging outfit with the Imagine cap from Rodebjer you will definitely look like a rising star from LA trying to stay in incognito.  

Pictures: @pernilleteisbaek, @mariabernad, @annawinck, @sofiamcoelho, @nanushka, @leoniehanne, @accidentalinfluencer,