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Beyond the hot pants - The Aussie summer style guide

on May 22, 2022

As much as I love summer with its scorching hot days and wearing only a loose tank, hot pants and a pair of flip-flops, once over 30 I had to sadly realize that this might not be the most appropriate look living in the capital and that my beachwear is indeed only for the beach.

Then comes the question, what DOES one wear when the temperature is over 30 Celsius degrees. Well I have great news, our friends from Down Under have already figured this out in the always sunny Australia. Not only do they have endless alternatives to micro-length shorts but also embrace an aesthetic very close to my heart, the salty ocean-swept surfer look.

I have collected a few of my favourite looks for this summer appropriate for the city, but still managed to sneak in a few ideas for the beach days too.

If you are in a rush and just want to check out the style ideas you can click here or read through the full article and find the clothes behind the images.

The ultimate dress

On the boiling summer days a go-to dress is essential to have, one that you can throw on for a brunch with the girls, an afternoon appointment or an evening date. I prefer one in a solid colour which then can be brought alive with a statement accessory. The material is also a key decision maker, cotton or linen - anything 100% natural is the best choice for hottest days.


The All Black Look

Black might not be your first choice of colour in the summer, but as long as the material is light, you are good to go. An all-black outfit will always look elegant right away and by adding a few statement accessories your look will be elevated. Wide flowy pants are a must-have this summer, and you can also pair them with a linen shirt for a more mature, casual look or go with a crop top for a fun summer vibe.

The simple white dress
This is a true wardrobe must-have,  you can never go wrong with a mid-length 100% cotton dress, which can be worn to the city or the beach. You can "keep your cool" even on the sunniest days, the white fabric won't absorb the hot rays.
Style it with natural-fiber accessories, like a straw bag or an espadrille and put some elegance to it with some fancy oversized shades.
The fun floral midi-dress
What a versatile piece to have, a floral dress that you can throw on for any occasion, a wedding, a brunch or a hot date. One item, that will instantly make you feel fabulous. Pair it with a colour coordinated bag, some vintage looking sunglasses and you are good to go!
The linen shirt
You cannot go wrong with investing in a 100% linen shirt for summer. Throw it over a dress, or wear it with some flowy wide pants, or even as a beach cover-up. The numerous ways you can wear a linen shirt will make up for the extra effort that it takes to iron it!
All images are courtesy of Faithfull The Brand