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Christmas Book Recommendation #1: For Architecture Lovers

on December 04, 2023

With the arrival of the Christmas season, it's also time for books. We've managed to compile the best books from every genre, just waiting to be in the hands of discerning readers. Therefore, every week, we recommend three of the most exciting volumes in a specific genre to help with the choice, because we just love books and we really want to share the joy of reading.

#1 Architectural Lovers

3. Magdalena Droste: The Best Of Bauhaus (EN)
This book is a collection showcasing the history of the Bauhaus. With approximately 550 illustrations, including architectural plans, studies, photographs, sketches, and models, it captures not only the realized works but also the principles and personalities of this idealistic creative community in Weimar, Dessau, and Berlin. It's a particularly exciting period in architectural history where technocracy and idealism intersect. The book reveals the influences and is a must-read for architects and future architects!


2. Brian Kish and Daniel Sherer: Entryways Of Milan: Ingressi Di Milano (EN)
This creative duo compiles the most beautiful building entryways in Milan into one volume, independent of age and condition. A wonderful selection, beautifully edited in a manner befitting Taschen. It can be a perfect gift for anyone who appreciates truly beautiful things and has an interest in Italian architecture.

1. Nathan Williams: Kinfolk Home: Interiors For Slow Living (EN)
For those who love architecture, interior design is equally important, as an empty canvas without internal spirit means nothing. Kinfolk's book on slow living interior design provides a wonderful insight into creating interior spaces that align with a slower-paced life, with delicacies and broad gestures alike.


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