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Crystal Haze kincsek

on October 23, 2020

The norvegian Crystal Haze brand was founded by Ophelia Alickaj and Sara Vlatkovic in 2017. Originally it was ment to be a hobby in 2014, but not for long: it became a full time obsession for both of them. The girls' jewels were made of natural materials, gemstones and crystals

from Brasil. The necklaces are made by local family businesses in Greek and Turkey, where the job are mostly done by women to support.

The designers dream was to combine necklaces with different lenghts and pendants, however you like the most. Regarding the material, they are mostly made of silver or gold coated design, as for the pendants: you can purchase them separately to match them for your taste. There is not a single one, which is same to the other, so consider your order an absolute unique one!

Their childhood memories just came back, when they designed one of their greatest pendants, the nostalgia bears, the gummy bear look-a-likes. They are available in more colours, with and without crystals, the options are endless. Combine them with a nice matching necklace and trend yourself up! Enjoy your nostalgia in a sophisticated and absolutely grown up way. You can't go wrong with more, just combine them with care.

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The exceptional beauty just one of their treat. Crystal Haze did not leave it to chance, but the gemstones have their own meaning, healing and helping powers, also it has mood enhancer effects. Take a tour in our crystal map and choose the most beautiful or the one that calls your soul. Wear them and embrace the energy.

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Since ancient times, the human attributed spiritual power for the amethyist. It helps with intuition to see the clear and whole picture. It has stress releasing effect and kills pain in general. It helps to achieve balance in your life, show you the wise answers and develops empathy. Beside that, people call it the mourninig gem for a reason: it helps reduce the suffer. If you were born in february, you ought to call this beauty your birthstone.

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The aquamarine pendant
Aquamarine is a a beautiful, blue gem with healing power. The stone of courage helps with communication and self-expression. The traditions say it separates the truth from the lie, the friend from the enemy. Reduces stress and enhances harmony in your life. If you already have it as a pendant or any other form, the crystal-experts advise to take off for the night. The ones were born in March can call it their birthstone.


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Clear quartz - the Athena ring

This beauty is made of clear quartz, which controls, balances and amplifies energies, especially if you are wearing it with other gems.  It conveys the light of God, so if you already have it, will effect your mental and physichal health in a positive way. Besides that, it has an 18k gold coat, and this size is anything, but boring. Be fabulous and help yourself at the same time!

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Aura quartz - the Charmed pendant

The pink aura quartz is an exceptionally powerful gemstone, which helps dissolve negativity and stress. Beside it has healing effects for the aura, its name comes from the light. This stone transforms and project it back in different colours. Charmed could be the most special accessories you ever had.

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The citrine pendant

The citrine contains solar energy, and also called as the success stone. It brings joy to its owner and attracts wealth and riches. It gives you self-confidence and helps to break through depression. If you are a creator, this gem absolutely belongs to you. It reduces the feelings for critiques and encourages you for creativity and self-expression. The stone connected with pleasure and optimism, what motivates you to reach your goals. Who wouldn't want to have such an energized crystal like this?

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Pirit - the gold of the fools

Pirit is one of the strongest effected crystal, which protects you from negative energies. Originally the people believed, that fire lived inside of the stone, so they wore it as a magical amulet. They also paired with good luck, bringing happiness and wealth. Wearing around your neck gives you the pleasure to feel its healing and energetised effects.

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The moonstone pendant

The moon connects with the inner goddess and sensuality. That's why they call it the stone of woman. Wear this feminine stone as a pendant, and enjoy its cleansing and pemparing effects on your skin. It purifiies the aura from negative energies and helps manage the stress. Don't forget to clean them and charge them regularly.

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The gem of unconditional love. It helps attract romance, nurture relationships and helps to heal the heart's sicknesses. Brings you empathy, peace and forgiveness, helps to feel self-love and friendship. The stone of love gets rid of any type of heartbreak, disappointment and unsaid feelings. Wear it on yourself and enjoy its effect in your life.

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The turmaline pendant

The turmaline is the stone of self-fulfillment, which is responsible for inner peace. It creates a bubble around you protecting from negative energies. It reduces fears, strengthens self-confidence and harmonizes the hemispheres. Wear this crystal to be more radiant by self-love and fulfillment.

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The Evil Eye pendant

In the last decade appeared the "evil eye" motif in the fashion industry. people called it a curse, comes from the legend of the success. If someone become very successful it attracts the envious eyes. They say, the jealous people take away others good luck. Wearing this medal, you can reverse the curse, and protect yourself. This is an exceptional treasure, which can always shine on you. Pair it with your Crystal Haze necklace.

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Attach wishes and intentions, and your gemstones become powerful. In fact, you are the one, who energize them. Just remember, only use it for the good.