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Di Felice is the great innovator of Courrèges

on November 12, 2023

Nicolas Di Felice possesses the rare ability to seamlessly blend freshness with Courrèges' fashion heritage. Few designers are as resolute and deliberate in creating new silhouettes as he is.

"Simplicity" has become a catchword in this fashion season. Di Felice's black and white collection falls into this category, but with a twist. He took oversized school uniform staples like shirts, white tees, polo shirts, and a Harrington jacket and reimagined them into leggy, asymmetrical shapes.

“I’m always talking about being practical and technical when it comes to making clothes—that’s what I do every day,” he began by explanation. “But at the beginning of the season I start to set the universe, the story. This time it was like that feeling of the last day of school before you go off for summer. So at the beginning of the show, it’s the archetypes of varsity and college things because we’re still on campus.”

The designer claims that creating these short, casually cut pieces is actually quite easy. Di Felice has been refining his ideas for Courrèges for three years now, drawing inspiration from the brand's '60s and '70s archive, known for its modernist space-age designs. He blends this heritage with his own memories of the rave and biker subcultures, and it has resulted in tremendous success. A significant part of his success lies in his sense of styling, how pieces come together and fit. For instance, his 'elliptical' skirts and diagonally-slashed leather pants are deceptively simple but are a fusion of Di Felice's and André Courrèges's geometric design methods.

He made a fitted, long-tailored coat with flared sleeves and a buckled neckline, epitomizing minimalist French chic. Later in the show, it transitioned into a look of tunics over pants, evoking a strong '90s vibe, yet appearing fresh and directional.

Some models wore 3D-printed bras; others showcased artistically slashed, nearly transparent garments within the exciting desert-like set. Then, intriguingly, the ground started moving. As the models walked around the flat, sand-and-plaster quadrangle – Di Felice's 'desert' – the surface began popping and cracking before the audience's eyes.

He has once again proven his talent and visionary abilities, which continue to captivate the fashion-savvy crowd. 

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