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Effortless and stylish - how to throw on a dress

on July 27, 2021
There are those days, when you just want to feel comfortable and look good at the same time? Sometimes sweatpants just don't work, especially when  it's 35 degrees outside. What to do in a situation like this? Throw on a dress, and shake it up with some great accessories.

Click on the pictures to reach the collection and see with your own eyes, that comfort and coolness are absolutely available 2in1.
Striped and long never been so stylish. Put on your sunglasses and a baseball hat, look for sandals, which match in colour. Embrace all the light shades in your wardrobe, and see how the light feeling gets to your mood too.
A little black dress is a must-have piece into your wardrobe, all women know that, since Coco Chanel. This is a casual and romantic, yet elegant piece, depends on how you combine with accessories. The open back helps your skin to breathe, but still gives you a mysterious vibe.

Celestina Organic Cotton BY SAMSØE SAMSØE 

Let the wind blow your dress, when you walk on the beach. The salty air and water just touch your skin, and you can already feel the smell of vacation. The only thing, what makes this image whole, is the perfect dress. Here is one to make you confident and also instagrammable.

White and romantic, a dress with an ultimate feminine vibe. What else do you need, when you walk around in Provence on the lavender fields? Don't underestimate the power of wear. It can make you feel better or worse, so always listen to yourself and your needs to shine through the day.
Patterns are great, so this dress with floral prints is. Makes me a little bit nostalgic! This is a statement, so don't overstyle it with big accessories. In this case, when the dress is a lot in a good sense, less is more!
Beige and beautiful, two treats you can not walk by, without recognizing. Think through, what's your message you really want to send out to the world? This minimal design makes you a queen of effort, without effort.
A maxi dress great for events, or if you want to walk on the street to feel like you're on a runway. An easy colour harmonizing with the plant pattern, takes the whole look in balance. Pair it with some jewels, choose comfy shoes as well and a glass of wine couldn't hurt either.
Floral and romantic, another great dress which would look amazing on you! Perfect for night outs and as a daily-wear. I couldn't recommend anything better, as a throw-on dress. Pair with some golden accessories to bring more romance into your outfit.

Mónika Ajkai
Source:, instagram