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Fall/Winter Fashion Guide: Can’t Go Wrong with These Picks

on October 24, 2023

While Indian summer held on until the beginning of October, autumn is officially here, and we're gradually transitioning into winter. It's time to explore the latest end-of-year fashion trends, one of the most exciting aspects of the colder months. Even the thought of layering a thick coat over a cozy sweater can bring joy to those who adore bundling up. In our selection, we've gathered a few crucial fashion points for the remaining months. You won't want to miss out on these: 

Quiet Luxury 

One of the simplest and most relatable trends of the season is the concept of "quiet luxury”, which has been gaining increasing popularity in recent months. This trend is the complete opposite of flashy. In the spirit of "Noble Simplicity, Quiet Greatness," it avoids big logos and instantly recognizable designer patterns. This approach is all about the art of understated clothing, spanning from classic waistcoats and blazers to well-tailored jeans. Subtle luxury might just be one of the most sensible trends of the upcoming season, possibly because of its timeless nature.

The Season's Color: Red 

If the color of the summer season was pink, with significant influence from the Barbie movie released on July 20th, there's no doubt that the true autumn shade this year is scarlet red. It works with any combination, and you can even go all-in, dressing from head to toe in red, creating a striking look wherever you go.


Transparent fashion is that line that constantly pushes the boundaries and never truly fades into oblivion, so it's no wonder that we are never bored. This season is all about underwear, where clothing loses its covering function, and secondary layers, like lingerie, take the spotlight. There are no trendy pants under see-through garments here - instead, it's all about showcasing delicate pieces.




Long Black Coat 

In all probability, alongside unadorned garments, the long black coat will become the most wearable trend of the fall/winter season. While ankle-sweeping pieces may dominate the runways, for personal wear, more traditional models that reach down to the ankle or knee may prove sufficient.


Stockings on the Horizon

This year, stockings are making a statement, but not in the understated neutral colors or those practical black pairs you always reach for when the temperature drops to single digits. Bold and eye-catching styles are coming in, grabbing everyone's attention. Pale red hues dominated the runways, but specific shades aren't set in stone. Red, blue, pink, green, white... practically anything goes.


Low-Waist Belts 

If there's a trend that has undoubtedly made its mark on the entire fashion world, it's the low-waist, wide belt trend built on the nostalgia of the early 2000s. Low-rise pants have been dominant players in recent fashion trends, so the arrival of the belt is quite fitting. Belts can be used in many ways: flaunting your midriff, worn with those pants, or even outside your clothing, where it looks just as good as with hip-huggers.


Low-rise cargos

Low-rise cargo pants continue to hold their ground in the ready-to-wear scene. Whether you wear them distressed, ripped, perforated, in a gorpcore style, or in the traditional pocketed format, they'll complement your look with either elegant shoes and a casual white t-shirt. In Bluemarine's latest collection, everyone can find the piece that suits them best.

Metallics in Abundance 

Metallic colors make a return almost every winter as they are essential for parties. However, in 2023, it's not just about the shimmer but also about quantity and placement. While in previous seasons, we subtly incorporated the glittering into our outfits, this fall season doesn't hold back. The key is to let metallics and sequins dominate as much as possible.


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