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From Classic Gifts to Breathtaking Surprises! - Spark Le Monde’s Gift Guide is Here!

on November 29, 2022
Classic gift ideas, with the least classic design! At Spark Le Monde you will surely find something for every member of the family. I am writing this article to make the difficult gift hunt a little easier. Now all you have to do is sit back on the sofa with a hot tea or a nice glass of wine and scroll through the list of the coolest items. In the meantime, put on a Christmas playlist, which will guarantee the perfect mood. How about the soundtrack of the all-time favorite Christmas movie, Love Actually? Click here and let the fun start! When the music is on, click on the images below to discover each category further:




Click on the picture to find the whole sweater collection!

Instead of a boring sweater with a Christmas pattern, choose a fluffy knitted piece that can be worn every winter day for years. Your loved one who will receive such a fashionable piece from you will be very grateful that she doesn’t have to wear something with Santa’s face on it. Let's be conscious consumers and choose gifts that can be used many times over the years and not only during the Holidays!



 Click on the picture to find the whole book collection!


Our books have been freshly restocked but I recommend you to grab your favorite as soon as possible because they sell our fast! You will find something exciting for both the family's chef and the fashion enthusiast. We also stock children's books and we never forget about the big travellers either! The books are not only super exciting, but their covers are so beautiful that they will surely have a special place in the home of your loved one.



 Click on the picture to find the whole perfume collection!


A gift for both of you! The unisex D.S. & Durga scents are perfect gifts for a perfume lover! And the best thing about them: if she doesn’t mind, you can also use them sometimes! All the fragrances are unique and unbelievably delicious! Do not miss this opportunity to spice up your relationship with an amazing fragrance!


 Click on the picture to find the whole bag collection!


Are you a bag lover? Or is your partner one? Then you are in the best place! Gorgeous bags by world-famous designers are stocked on the shelves of Spark Le Monde. They are not only beautiful, but also practical accessories, which guarantees that you or your loved one will be happy with them! I would probably cry from happiness if there was a Coperni bag in the little package under the tree. (I'll leave this here, in case someone who plans to buy me a present reads it :P ). All in all, if you want a huge surprise as well as a valuable gift which is also an investment, choose a unique bag from our selection.



 Click on the picture to find the whole candle collection!


Perhaps you're asking the following question now: "aren't candles boring for Christmas?" NO! At least Spark's candle selection is anything but boring! I would rather call them perfumes, as they create an atmosphere in the entire apartment that will make you feel like you are in a five-star hotel. Besides, you will never want to get rid of their glass holders, because they have such a beautiful aesthetic. You can reuse them by replacing the burnt down candle with a new candlestick.


 Click on the picture to find the whole jewellery collection!


You still don't have any ideas? Well... Have you ever gone wrong with giving your loved one a beautiful piece of jewellery? You probably won't this time either. If your partner is a true Spark Le Monde fan, you can choose almost anything, because she will most probably love any piece from our jewellery selection!



 Click on the picture to find the whole sunglasses collection!


Designer sunglasses are perhaps the best way to surprise yourself, because you know which frame suits you the best. Sometimes I choose my own gift and then I act surprised under the tree. If you decide to go down this path, you can be sure that you will get a gift with which you will be genuinely happy.
I really hope I could help you find the perfect gifts at Spark Le Monde. We deliver your order in beautiful packages, which can fly right under the tree!


Xoxo, Réta