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Have You Heard The Latest News About Beyonce?!

on August 08, 2022
36 hours before her new album was released, it got hacked and someone uploaded to the internet. It could have been a very upsetting story, but it turned out to be a really nice one. Millions of fans decided to wait until the official release date to listen to it. Of course Beyonce was very moved by them and wrote a letter about her appreciation. She posted this letter on her Instagram page with a photo, where she is wearing a silver Gucci couture dress. She is covering her half naked upper body with her hand, which makes this picture ultra sexy.



Bey is a real diva and she deserves all the love and respect that her fans give her. She has been an idol to me too since I was a little kiddo. In honor of the Renaissance album release, I thought I'd share a few things you probably didn't know about Beyonce. For example, that she has beehives, or that in 2011 she announced her pregnancy during the performance of her hit "Love On Top" at the VMA awards.


It is not by chance that she is called Qeen Bey. In 2020, she told British Vogue that they have nearly 80,000 bees and produce hundreds of jars of honey every year. Bey initiated this because both of her daughters have  bad allergies and honey has countless healing properties.


At the very beginning of her VMA performance of the song "Love On Top", she said that "I want you to feel the love that's growing inside of me". Then, at the end of the song, she unbuttons her sequined blazer, throws away the microphone and shows the audience her baby bump. This joyous moment set a Guinness World Record for the most tweets per second. The award ceremony became the most watched in the history of MTV. Take a look at this historic performance:



She donated the salary she received for her role in the film Cadillac Records to an addiction center. She did this so she could help people who are being judged for their addiction, which is actually a disease. You can say that she is so rich that it doesn't matter to her, but the truth is that many other rich people would not donate such a large amount to charity. So it's really a big deal and it drew attention to one of the most serious social problems.



Who discovered the singer? Her childhood dance teacher once hummed a song beside Bey that she finished. The man couldn't believe his ears, and that very evening, when her parents went to pick her up, the teacher drew their attention to the fact that this girl had a very good voice. Then, at the age of 7, she won the first talent show she participated in. After that she won 35 other competitions in a row. That's what they call talent, right?!


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