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on July 27, 2021
Scarf is one of those accessories that have always been fashionable. I’m pretty sure most of you have an old scarf in your wardrobe. And it always comes to fashion from time to time in different functions. Sometimes fashion tells you to wear it on your head, on your bag or the regular way around your neck. But what if the biggest trend in this season is the scarf wearing in uncountable ways? I would really like to show you how great this piece is. All you need is one scarf and this article. You will love this summer because of these simple tricks. 
Once on a vacation I lost my bikini top in the waves. I came out half naked and really needed something. Then I looked at my bag and my silk scarf was on it as a decoration. I grabbed it and tied it up as a top. Guess what, now it’s one of the biggest trend. 
Wearing it on your head is still fashionable and hot. Take a look at Pernille Teisbaek and María Bernad. Maybe they’re more convincing. 
You don’t want to buy an other bag, but you do want something new at the same time. No worries! Just tie your silk scarf up and voilá, you have a new bag! 
Glam your outfit up, and use your scarf as a belt. It will give the extra spark what the most casual pair of jeans need! 
Are you a romantic type? And your favourite place in the world is Paris? Wear your scarf around your neck just like the super pretty french women. 
Are you tired of your hair? This little trick will save you. Tie your hair up, with a silk scarf. Am I right? Enjoy your new look! 
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Have a lovely summer day!