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The world's oldest teenager turns 100

on August 29, 2021
She was recently named one of Instyle’s Badass 50 and she is celebrating 100 with work.
"Everything about turning 100 is fantastic, but I really do believe that I'm still the world's oldest teenager," she says. I can’t argue with her. She is the biggest fashion icon alive.
She founded the Old World Weavers fabric house, with her late husband Carl, in 1950. She worked as an interior designer for decades, even for nine different presidents in the White House. She has always had a very unique style, but she started working in the fashion industry much later. "My first big job in fashion came when I was 84, so as cliché as it is, age really is just a number to me," she says. She signed a four-year modeling contract at 97 with the global modeling agency IMG. 
"Being passionate about my projects and putting my heart and soul into them has kept me young. That's why I'll never stop working." And she doesn’t joke. For her 100. Birthday she came out with Iris Apfel Zentennial Collection of designer glasses in collaboration with Zenni. It features big, bold and colourful frames that have become her signature accessory. Find the collection here.
She encourages us to be brave and find our own style. I think we should follow her and enjoy life as much as we can! 

Very Happy 100. Birthday dear Iris! Thank you for being such a badass!