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Match your bear with your lipstick

on March 27, 2021
Spring is here and colours are all around us. Just take a look at our restocked Nostalgia Bear Pendant collection. So many options are available, but why not go a little bit crazy? Update your beauty game and match your pendant with your lips and take a photo for us! Whichever you choose, make sure it’s in sync with your self.

Candy colour and gummy bear seems like a right combination. The shade of love just able to move you up in the air. Feel the romance!

The water is a symbol of emotions, and usually we don’t paint it over our faces. But why not make a statement of self-expression? 2021 is all about your true self!

The golden age are here, at least in trends, and so is our next match. What about a tone of beige or a white outfit to combine with these two?

If you are playing for attention, this is the right colour to choose. Red lips make people listen what you have to say, so choose your words wise or fun! 

Not the usual everyday shade, but has its perks for a good photo. Looking like a crystal, say hi to this malachite wanna-be look.

Lavender shades are one of our favourite, and the field is just calling upon us. If you are looking for a calming colour, this match might just feel right.

Dark accessories never were more ecstatic. Why not go for a daring shade like that, combined with a happy outfit?