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Spray-On Dress, Deconstructivism and Huge Hourglass - Memorable Fashion Statements During Paris Fashion Week

on October 04, 2022
Paris Fashion Week returned for its SS23 outing on Monday, 26 September, with a mix of physical and digital showcases. Alongside some of the biggest names, such as YSL, Dior and Balenciaga there were also Spark Le Monde’s favourite brands creating memorable moments for the audience and shaking up the fashion world.


Ultra-modern Coperni show


The most special performance I’ve seen at a fashion week. At the end of the Coperni SS23 show in Paris, the naked Bella Hadid emerged onto stage after which two technicians sprayed her with a white liquid that turned into a white dress like magic. Behind the magical moment lies the interdependence of fashion and science. This truly innovative spray technique was developed by Fabrican, a company founded by Spanish fashion designer and scientist Manel Torres. The liquid contains synthetic or cotton fibers in a polymer solution that evaporates on contact with the skin. Sébastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant, founders of Coperni, worked with Torres and his team for six months to create the spray-on strappy dress seen at the end of the show. The designers said in a comment that this stunning creation was a celebration of centuries of women's silhouettes and a way to update the brand's aesthetic. Coperni as a brand was created so that whoever wears their designs could have fun, and this iconic moment perfectly resonated with their mission. Witnessing the birth of this unconditional creation was such an honest and emotional experience. This is exactly what the world needs right now. Thank you Sébastien and Arnauld!
Another exhilarating moment beside the finale was when the brand's iconic Swipe bag's 18-Carat gold version appeared on the catwalk. As an added special, the dazzling bag will also be available for made to order. It's no secret that the exciting selection of Spark Le Monde also contains Coperni bags including the original Swipe! Admire the unique shapes here.



"Destroy" in the Ottolinger way


Berlin-based label Ottolinger is a collaboration between Swiss-born designers Christa Bösch and Cosima Gadient. Through their brand they want to convey the times we are living, and their main focus is always on pattern and shape while treating fine materials roughly – they “destroy” pieces in the best way. Ottolinger's deconstructivism is both sensuous/luscious and pragmatic, which was also strongly evident on the Paris catwalk. The guests were seated on soft white mats while the show's beginning was accompanied by loud techno music. Gadient told that their goal was to make guests feel like they were waking up and going out with a bang on one of the best days of their lives. Recently, the designers presented a pre-collection featuring more conventional garments. Now, they have been able to let their imagination run wild and create more conceptual and futuristic pieces that are completely true to the deconstructive brand. The special rubber dipped accessories are one of the brand's most recognisable style cues. The cool and edgy dipped crystal earrings are Ottolinger's hit pieces that inspire self-expression. If you're in the mood for a truly experimental piece, check out our online shop.



Courrèges beach party


The Courrèges show evoked morning after parties on the beach. The models, wearing gorgeous dresses, walked barefoot on a set full of sand, when suddenly sand also started to pour down from above, creating a feeling similar to being in a giant hourglass. The material used on the set was a vegetable sand made of nutshell, obtained from 100% renewable raw materials. Shades of summer sunsets, over-the-shoulder jackets, lightweight sheer fabrics, unique slits, exciting textures and coral earrings — these were the elements that enriched the presented Courrèges SS23 collection. Psst! I'm gonna share a secret with you: Courrèges is coming to Spark Le Monde soon. I can't wait to see their gorgeous pieces hanging in our stores.



Thank you for following the most exciting fashion events with me!


xoxo, Dóri