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Modular design and key accessories you definitely need!

on September 05, 2021
There is nothing wrong with loving the details. In fact, all the treasures are hidden in the big picture, right? Now is the time to update the contents of your bag? Waterbottle, headset, bags, collars or jewels, get your go-to items today! Believe me, you will use it with much more love, if you like the design as well. It's not only about function, but also beauty. So check out my recommendations I fell in love with. Reach the whole, carefully selected collection by clicking on the pictures.

Monochrome colours or matching items can create the ultimate balance.

Stripes take us back to the beach, however we are already in the city. But the vibe can't leave us, and that's all that matters.

Black and beige contrasts are what you need to stand out and bring on the street a classic look.

Fragrance is one of the most important style signature. Did you know, that smells can bring up the most memories in our brain?

Why not go with a little jungle theme, and embrace the power within?

A scrunchie is an absolute must-have of your bag!

Enjoy the journey in our Spark Le Monde field of Modular Design! I recommend these lovely items with all my heart, so I hope you will find what you need.