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Must-Pack Vacation Styles

on July 21, 2022
Half the summer has passed, but it's not over yet, and the weather is more than perfect for a relaxing summer holiday. I'm sure everyone is ready to take a break from their everyday lives and dive into the summer. Whether it's a planned trip or a spontaneous getaway, the real question is what to pack in your suitcase! For me as a stylist, planning outfits is a creative and fun task, although I know that sometimes packing for a holiday can get seriously overwhelming. What's the ideal outfit for exploring the city, going to the beach or a casual summer dinner? There's nothing worse than packing what you think you should have and then not feeling "yourself" for the whole holiday. Well, stress no more because I've got you covered!
Before I get into the details, I have to mention the most important thing: materials! Every day of the year, but especially in summer, you should aim to wear clothes made from breathable, natural materials - cotton, linen or silk. These fabrics make the summer heat more bearable.
Some clothes are a must-have when thinking about vacation. Long oversized dresses, for example, are both comfortable and stylish, while shirt dresses are ideal for day trips and look just as good with sneakers as they do with sandals.
Be prepared for every activity! You're likely to spend most of your holiday relaxing on the beach or by the pool, so don't forget a giant beach towel and your favourite swimwear (psst, if you're still looking, check out Spark Le Monde's selection) and bring sunglasses and an oversized shirt made of lightweight fabric to protect yourself from the sun.
If you're going sightseeing, pack comfortable footwear and a hat. And of course the perfect straw bag shouldn't be left out either! It's suitable for both the beach and the city, as it has space for all your belongings, and it's also very trendy.
Pro tip: you'll definitely need at least one dress that you can wear for a cocktail night, but you can also take it to the beach with a flip-flop.
I'll show you some outfits that will make you fabulous for your upcoming holiday and beyond. Check out the packing guide below and get inspiration from these amazing summer outfits. If you fall in love with any of these stunning pieces, don't think twice, click on the image and order your favourites online to take with you on holiday!
1. Travel
2. Beach
3. Pool party
4. Coctail night by the pool
5. Sightseeing
6. Dinner

I hope you've read some useful tips and have been inspired by the selection above.

I wish you a wonderful summer!