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One Of The Most Ethical Brands: The MUUÑ is Here! Read The Full Story And Fall in Love With Them to The Moon And Back!

on July 10, 2022
Why is MUUÑ such a favourite? Not just because of the perfect design, but the transparency of the brand. Their communication is very unusual and unique. If you look up their social media platforms, just like Instagram, you will find a lot of posts about the making, the people and the story behind those beautiful bags.
I think after you get all the information, you won’t think about it, just immediately buy one for yourself, to get a truly sustainable and ethically made product. MUUÑ offers one of the best straw bags in the world!  The brand was founded in 2004 in Northern Ghana in West Africa by the unexpected meeting of Audrey, a fashion consultant on the Japanese market and Tahiru, a traditional straw-weaving expert. Spark Le Monde is a happy place, to have a family member in our store, like them. 


Let’s see how these beauties are made:


The straw bags are made from Ghana’s elephant grass which is dried and weaved by women in Bolgatanga, Upper East Ghana. They start the weaving process with the bottom part. It is important to note that it takes a very long time to prepare the straw which was harvested in the very dry season. They sort it first and then they start the weaving with the knowledge of centuries old craftsmanship. 



MUUÑ means “smile” in Wolof. The reason for the appellation is that they see their people smiling all the time while they’re making these amazing straw bags.



The brand has an Scandi-Japanese aesthetic combining the best of the two, a minimalist silhouette that meets cosmopolitan influences resulting in a timeless designer straw bag. The signature hand-woven bag features a cotton or woolen lining which can be tied to keep your belongings safe and hidden.



I created a collection with the MUUÑ bags and how to style them with Spark’s garments and accessories. Click on the picture below and find your favourite look!



I think that these bags will make you smile too! Enjoy the summer with your new best friend, your MUUÑ bag!