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Out of the blue

on September 01, 2021

Blue is here out of the blue and sparkling in every shade of it, from light pastel to classic. I’m not a colour professional like Meryl Streep is, in The Devil Wears Prada movie. Do you remember that famous scene where Anne Hathaway starts laughing because she can’t tell the difference between two blue belts? If not, then here you can watch it, and later the whole film again, please! It makes me feel so good all the time.

Even though I’m a fashion designer, I’m more Anne Hathaway in this situation than Meryl Streep. So I won’t judge you, if you call three different shades light blue. What really matters is the way you style it. And I would like to show you some very inspiring blue looks, which prove that this is the standout colour for autumn. And you can’t miss it either from your wardrobe, so I created a collection of Spark Le Monde’s garments and accessories. Here you can find your new treasure. 

Full of blue

You can wear blue from head to toe this autumn. In the collection I dreamed for you, there are plenty of blue stuff you can fill your wardrobe with.



The surprising classic blue is here

Maybe it’s only surprising to me, because I’m not the biggest friend of this tone. But you know what?! I’m getting used to it and I already own a beautiful classic blue suit. So, my office-appropriate outfit will definitely suit this trend.


There are no big rules in the upcoming trends, only one: something blueish. A little bag, or accessory is more than enough. As you can see the most stylish way to wear blue is to add something brown, pink or white to your outfit.


Are you seeing blue everywhere?