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Oversized city looks

on September 05, 2021

A new wave of innovation, oversized clothing is a trend of our era. Pandemic or not, comfort became a priority in our home and also in our fashion, yet statement pieces and self-expression got important too. So designers listened and big brands produced the ultimate cool stuff: oversized and stylish pieces. I created an exciting collection for you to find your comfort and fashion in the city as well at, and also see the pictures for inspiration. Click on the photos to find out more!




Wear it at home or on the street, you can walk and laze around the same time. An unisex trend we can't get rid of easily, and honestly, doesn't want to. This style stays with us hopefully for a long time. They can be pants, jackets, shirts, dresses or pullovers, keep your look baggy and happy as well. Jewel up and mix feminine with masculine.




A little bit about oversized history:

According to historians, oversized or baggy clothes first became popular around the 1920s. It related to the western wear of that time. While women won the right to vote in places like Canada and the US, they also started to work, making their fashion more mobile and flexible. They got rid of the tight styles of dresses and liberated the relaxed fit garments that became a new sensation for oversized clothes for women. They took decisions and slowly began to start real life, the trend of oversized clothing simultaneously boosted up. The oversized clothes for men had a unique class. The baggy trend was mainly inspired by the early hip hop culture and the early means of streetwear fashion.



Hope you enjoyed this little journey around oversized fashion, click here to see our collection and get your perfect city look today!

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