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Christmas Wishlist from Priszci

on December 08, 2023
Priszcilla Varga

Here we go:

My 5. choice is Vita boots from Another Project.
Statement boots are so good when you don’t want to put any effort to your outfit. I mean this is not the craziest one but it still has that extra sparkle.


4. DS&Durga – Radio Bombay
This is currently my favorite scent and perfume brand, and I’m running a bit low on it, so I need a new one anyway. However, I don't want to miss any chance to talk about this brand because I think it’s genius. In general, I would say the whole branding, including the names, visuals, and matching playlists with the perfumes, is so playful — all in a really unique aesthetic. I first discovered it when I was in Hanoi on a job, and I was thrilled to find it at the Spark Le Monde store a few months later. It took me a day to decide on the scent because I really liked both 'I don’t know what' and 'Radio Bombay.' Eventually, I chose Radio Bombay because (in perfume nerd talk) it’s like a mix of Philosykos by Dyptique, Santal 33 by Le Labo, and Burberry The Beat (for men). It adds a bit of heat and steam to the basic sweet santal scent, which I genuinely enjoy and highly recommend for both men and women!

The third place is Silver Lucia Hoop Earrings by Luv Aj.
I’ve been implementing more silver into my jewelry lately, so I believe a good pair of chunky hoop earrings is ideal for any kind of outfit and social setting. I would probably pair them with some silver rings for a full experience.

The 2nd piece is Low Classic's light grey trenchcoat.
Okay, so I don’t care that it’s winter and that it’s a Christmas wishlist, and I should probably choose a puffer. This piece is so chic, so elegant; it’s been on my all-time wishlist forever, and I just can’t gatekeep it.

The number 1 piece on my Wishlist is the By Malene Birger Drewa tote.
It’s humongous, which is perfect for me. Whenever I have photoshoots — either styling or producing — I always use these oversized totes so I can pack all the 'what if I need this randomly too, you know what, I’ll just take it' items or just when going on desk duty and want to throw in an extra scarf or sweater.