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See The Best Moments From The Haute Couture Week

on July 14, 2022
I would like to show you my favourite moments from the AW 22-23 Haute Couture Week. You can check the whole schedule here:
The shows were theatrical performances and I can’t even imagine how it feels if you are invited to a show like these. The biggest brands with the biggest ideas, and thanks to modern technology, we can watch the shows from our comfy couch and imagine that we are one of those who are sitting in the rows.
And now I would like to ask you to sit down and enjoy the most detailed fashion creations!


1. Valentino the beginning


I have never thought that anyone can book the Spanish Steps for their event. But Valentino did. In this video you can see the A-list celebrities and biggest figures from the fashion world. This video is an eye candy! Enjoy it!



2. Christian Dior


These Dior couture creations are just stunning pieces of art! I am amazed by these lace dresses and the perfection of the tailoring! So many professional people worked on these handmade pieces. Thank you for creating these beauties with outstanding craftsmanship!


3. Girogio Armani Privé


The glowing Armani show! I'm not surprised of its elegance and shine. These glittery, hand embroidered looks were stealing the light of the show! I wish I could once attend to a preparation of a couture garment. 


4. Chanel


Oh my Chanel!!! It took place at the Étrier de Paris equestrian centre. The whole interior was so Chanel. The set was matching the couture pieces. It was excellent!!! 


5. Maison Margiela


Not too long ago I was woking in theaters for a while as a costume and set designer. What I saw in this video is not only and more than a fashion show, it was a cinema and a theater performance in one. Couture costumes, screening just like in a movie theatre and brilliant acting on the stage. Guess what, this show is my favourite! Don't miss it out!


6. Balenciaga 51st Couture Collection


The Balenciaga catwalk was filled with celebrities, and I'm not talking about famous models only. You can see Nicole Kidman, Kim Kardashian and Dua Lipa  walking for Balenciaga in Paris. I love those slow moves, in those weirdo heels! 


 It was a pleasure for me to show you my favourite shows. But there are plenty more at Paris Fashion Week's website. I wonder what your favourites are! I had a great time watching these videos, and I'm glad that I have the chance to attend them from my couch.


Thanks for coming with me to the Couture Week!