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SKI Seas-ON! - Spark Le Monde’s Hottest Selection For The Ski Season!

on November 23, 2022
Spark Le Monde is prepared with an unexpected surprise, and now I'm going to tell you the big secret! You can buy the most important accessories for skiing this year! The feather-lined, convertible, very warm puffer jackets of the Hungarian brand Cukovy and much more are waiting for you! With Bottega Veneta ski goggles, you can slide straight from the ski slope to the fashion weeks in January!


I made a collection of outfits that will look very stylish on you in the ski resort. There are also books waiting to help you tune in for the trip. Check out the whole collection by clicking on the pictures below:



Slowly but surely, the holidays are approaching. Books, hats, scarves, ski goggles and sunglasses can all be great gifts for your loved one who is into skiing and fashion!




Sometimes you leave the trail to go on a hike, or have dinner in a cozy mountain village. For those occasions, choose boots that match your jacket and other accessories to feel good at every moment! The fluffy and at the same time extremely fashionable wool sweaters ensure a warm and cozy atmosphere during the entire trip!




Make a hot chocolate and dive into Spark Le Monde's ski collection to get the coolest gear today!


I wish you an unforgettable experience!