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Stop Hiding Your Perfect Imperfections On The Beach

on May 15, 2022

Before I started writing this article as a research I was reading SS22 swimwear trends. Most of them were full of XS models with sixpacks (not made me want to buy any of those bikinis). Yes, Kim Kardashian is hot, but if you don’t mind I’m not gonna put her in the spotlight. Today I would rather talk about natural beauties.

This is a swimwear guide that highlights You. I collected pictures of natural women wearing their swimwear. Looking at these beautiful women with radiant self confidence is everything! They have curvy shapes, and they are more than perfect! They should be the example for us. I wish you all to achieve the goal: to have a healthy body image of yourself, and stop hiding your perfect imperfections on the beach!!! Skinny is not a trend! That is just a body type!

I wish I could stop those fake social media beauty ideals, what only make us feel bad about ourselves. BUT great news! These women actually make huge changes! Thank you for that! You are beautiful!!!

Below the pictures, you will find some swimwear ideas from the Spark Le Monde selection. On our website you can set the size on the left, and you’re more than welcome to both of our stores in Budapest in case you would like to try before you buy! We are here to help you find the beachwear of your dreams!

Let me show you my favourite beachwears from Spark Le Monde:

Crepe Vintage Top & Crepe Highleg Hotpants by HAIGHT

Farrah Bikini Top & Chania Bikini Bottoms by FAITHFULL THE BRAND

The Chelsea Mustard Stripe Rib by SOLID AND STRIPED

Crepe New Side Slit Swimsuit by HAIGHT

Floral-Print Halterneck Recycled Polyamide Swimsuit by GANNI

Catania Bikini Top & Chania Bikini Bottoms by FAITHFULL THE BRAND

Maybe today is the magical day when you finally find the perfect bikini in Spark-town. I wish you to fall in love with yourself, with your body, with your life and to accept that perfection is full of imperfections and it’s alright!!! I’m learning it too, and it’s a long journey, but it already feels really nice to be on the way!