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Street style - the second runway of CPHFW

on February 17, 2022

“I love street fashion photography because of the energy of the streets." D. N.

I remember before started studying fashion design, I got the Face Hunter street fashion photography book by Yvan Rodic. I’d never felt more inspired by any fashion scene before. I was spending hours and days turning pages. Dressing up is one of the most powerful tools for self expression. There are beautiful designer pieces on the runway. But when it comes to fashion week and you see all the fashionistas mixing these garments, they become way more interesting. The street becomes the second runway.

Last season I saw the gorgeous pictures of Déspi Naka street style photographer. Looking at her photos makes me feel like I was at the CPHFW. I wasn’t though, but through her journal I’m very inspired as a fashion lover and designer. Because I’m so crazy about street style photography I contacted her and asked her, why she chose this genre. Her answer:

“I love street fashion photography because of the energy of the streets. Everything is lively and spontaneous. When you are on the streets, everything can happen... you don’t know what your photos are going to look like. Models - Guests are acting together with other people, the weather, the photographers and every single click is unique.”  Déspi Naka

I totally agree with her, the energy of the CPHFW is so intense, and that’s the magic of street photography. They can give us the sense of those days through their cameras. 
And now let’s see the photos of my favourite people of the Scandinavian fashion world. What we saw at the AW22 FW: vibrant colours, brave layers of patterns and different textures. Leather, fur, knits were bathing in colours. We can definitely tell the seasons leading colours. Pink, green, blue, yellow, orange and brown. Walk around with me in Copenhagen:


Thank you Déspi Naka for your kindness! And thank you, dear Reader for reading my little guide of the Copenhagen fashion streets.