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Summer proof city looks

on July 18, 2021

It’s hot and sticky. Fantastic on the beach, but in the city… Walking on the concrete and burning up. The hardest thing is to dress up for a meeting in this heat. No worries, it’s not an article about how we can’t help. Of course we have a solution for this as well. Not only one, but a bunch of ideas in our trend box. As long as you learn how to dress summer proof in the city, you will enjoy these warm days. What you need in the heat is a great fabric and tailoring. We brought you the best quality and the coolest designer pieces of all time.

Trust us on this and follow our summer city look's guide below. 

Do you work in an office where you always have to wear something elegant? Is it getting harder when summer arrives? We found the perfect linen suit for you from Loulou Studio. It’s a perfectly tailored combo of a blazer and shorts. They were made for you to be able to stay elegant and stylish on these warm days. Pair them with the Mayol Fresh Hoops earrings and the Slater sunglasses from Tom Ford. We really wouldn’t recommend to leave the house without the perfect pair of Pauwau heels from MARSKINRYYPPY. One more thing, we suggest you the Sophie straw bag which is the best to invest in this season. It matches your work outfit as well as your beach wear. 

And now let’s see something fun. We would like to introduce you to our new baby, the Shirred striped dress from Ganni. Isn’t it just perfect? The tailoring, the stripes, the length and everything about it. We are in love and you will probably be too. We have so many great accessories to team with. But for now we show you one of the many possibilities. Glam it up with the Lara sunglasses from Tom Ford, and the Mayol’s colourful and sparkling necklace which will highlight the outfit. Stay cool and put the season’s must-haves, the Havainas flip flops on. The Blaze handbag from Stée Atelier is perfectly sized to fit your necessities and complement the brownish accessories of the outfit. 

Summer in black? It’s not a joke. Our experiences with maxi dresses in hot weather are really satisfying. A good quality cotton dress is the best choice. You don’t sweat that much thanks to it’s loose silhouette that lets your body breathe. The Dakota organic cotton dress from Rodebjer is the perfect one. You can wear it in many ways, not only in summer with sandals, but also in cooler weather with a turtleneck and boots. It’s a timeless but always fashionable piece. Wear yours with the Slyvia sunglasses which makes this black outfit more stylish. Mayol’s Darling Nikki earrings will add a little spark to your day. For the perfect finish put the Capri Positano’s sandals on, and don’t forget the Neo Ring bag.

Sometimes a basic tee is more than enough. Take a look at this outfit, how simple and cool at the same time. You really need to get one of Ganni’s signature t-shirts. Team yours with the Alsop skirt and the Dosed sunglasses. Add a little extra glam and choose the Leopard necklace. If you would like to win the best street style award then you need a pair of Veja V-lock and the unique Arezzo handbag. This is an outfit that you can wear for any occasion.

This Gestuz white maxi is so beautiful, we would even say yes in this dress. Of course it’s not a wedding dress, you can wear it on a casual day with sneakers or our new favourite Arizona Love Trekky sandals. Highlight this light summer dress with the Aegaio bracelet from Mayol. Do you like shining every day? Then choose the Molly handbag and the Karen Walker’s sunglasses. Enjoy the envious looks! 

Black again… We just really had to. Look at this pretty Gestuz midi dress. Simply perfect! Can you show anything better to team with than this gorgeous Proenza Schouler bag? The Antonia cotton sandals will make you feel comfortable and super trendy on the warmest summer day as well. The Sonic Bloom sunglasses are the ones you always dreamed about. Because it’s a summer guide, we can’t leave the shell jewelleries out. Choose the Shell choker or other treasures from Mayol!

Even if you are stuck in the city at work, we wish you the best summer! After you finish a hard day, go out with your friends and have fun on the best terraces of the town, in your best outfits from us!


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